Pure hemp oil is a great, versatile product that people are using for a wide variety of reasons. And Functional Remedies offers only the finest hemp oil, made with the best methods. If you’ve never used hemp oil before, and you’re curious about doing so, you probably have a lot of questions about it. Questions like: what is pure hemp oil? What exactly are people using pure hemp oil for? How is pure hemp oil made? Does pure hemp oil get you high? Where is it legal to purchase pure hemp oil? How do I take pure hemp oil? How do I know what pure hemp oil products are best for me? It’s very understandable that you would have questions like this. There’s often a lot of misinformation and confusion about hemp oil. Functional Remedies is here to clear up any confusion you may have, and guide you through the wonderful world of pure hemp oil. We’re also here to showcase our superior production methods and our wide range of useful hemp oil products.

But before we get to Functional Remedies’ philosophy and methods and products, let’s rewind and see what an incredible and useful product hemp is.

What is hemp?

Hemp is a variety of the Cannabis sativa plant. Now, if that gives you any pause because of the word cannabis and its association with marijuana products, you’re partially correct—both marijuana and hemp derive from the same species of plant. But hemp is a distinctly different product than marijuana that lacks all of the concerns marijuana is known for (more on this later).

To really rewind: hemp has been used by humans for ten thousand years. That’s a decent chunk of time! It’s indigenous to eastern Asia, and has been used by a quite a few different cultures for a number of reasons. And to still be used even to this day, it must be a useful plant, right? So hemp is nothing new, and it’s just as useful now as it’s always been throughout much of our relatively recent history—perhaps even more useful, as we can use it now for more things than ever.

It’s also been known as one of the fastest growing plants, because it’s a flowering plant with a lifetime of only a year. So not only is a versatile plant, it’s a very efficient crop to grow. No wonder we’ve stuck with it for so long!

But what exactly has hemp been used for?

Hemp has a wide range of uses. This includes textiles, insulation and other building material, biofuel, many types of clothing, and many other practical, agricultural, and industrial uses. Fiber made from pure hemp is similar in texture to linen, and is often used as a fabric. Historically, some cultures have even cultivated hemp plants for religious and spiritual reasons. The oil produced from its seeds (not to be confused with pure hemp oil) can be used in cooking, and hemp can even be used as food itself! In fact, the culinary uses of hemp are also incredibly versatile. Its leaves and seeds have a wide range of possibilities in culinary endeavors.

But a more recently found use of hemp, possible through modern methods, has been for its pure oil. So now that we have seen how long hemp has been in use for, and how many different things it can be used for, let’s talk about this relatively newer, and very exciting use.

What is pure hemp oil?

Like many other aspects of the hemp plant and products created from it, utilizing the properties of hemp’s cannabinoids has been practiced for quite some time. Cannabinoids are a type of chemical compound that act on cannabinoid receptors in cells, occur naturally in the human body, and interact with the endocannabinoid system. Endocannabinoids are chemicals keys that control the starting and stopping of processes of Cannabinoid receptors. The Endocannabinoid system plays a vital role in our physiology, helping to regulate things such as pain reception, appetite, our moods, and even our memory. It is thought that when the body doesn’t have enough endocannabinoids, it disrupts the body’s natural balance. This lack of natural balance can affect many aspects of one’s health, such as the body’s immune system, as well as certain kinds of bodily pain and inflammation.

In recent decades, a more thorough understanding of cannabinoids combined with modern extraction and production processes means that we can get more usage out of a hemp plant than ever before. Pure hemp oil is a result of this, and Functional Remedies’ superior methods ensure the best quality for our hemp oil products.

Will pure hemp oil get you high?

The answer to this question, is an emphatic, resolute NO! Pure hemp oil will not get you high. It’s one reason why people are very interested in trying hemp oil for physical ailments and other maladies. None of Functional Remedies’ products will get you high—the salves, the tinctures, the capsules—we guarantee that our pure hemp oil won’t impair you when you use it.

And why is that, when pure hemp oil comes from the same plant species that marijuana products are manufactured from? It all comes down to THC content.  

You might be wondering exactly what THC is. It might surprise you to learn that in a way, we’ve already talked about it in this article. THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol, and it is a cannabinoid. But hang on, weren’t cannabinoids, the naturally occurring chemical compounds that react with our cannabinoid receptors, supposed to be a good thing? The truth is that while many cannabinoids are relatively harmless, such as the ones used in making pure hemp oil, there are a few cannabinoids that will give side effects that may be unwanted, in addition to the possible benefits such compounds may offer. And THC is one of those cannabinoids. The higher THC content of marijuana products is why those products will get people who use them high.

And one of the greatest things about pure hemp oil products, and why they are so popular among people exploring natural and homeopathic remedies, is that the THC content in pure hemp oil is so low that it’s negligible. Functional Remedies’ pure hemp oil has a THC content of under 0.3%—that’s right, less than one percent! Because of this, Functional Remedies’ pure hemp oil has no psychotropic affects. It will not get you high, it will not impair your judgment, and it will not slow your movements—using pure hemp oil will not debilitate you mentally in any way whatsoever! You can use Functional Remedies’ products and go about your usual activities completely uninhibited, because there are only trace amounts of THC in our pure hemp oil. Pure hemp oil is also not addictive in any way, so there’s absolutely no reason to worry about that, either.

And for those who are interested in trying pure hemp oil for your pets, you also won’t need to worry—Functional Remedies products will not get your pet high at all. Just like with humans, the THC content of pure hemp oil is so low that it won’t affect your pets’ psychoactive state in any way. Still, it is recommended that you start your pet with only small dosages of pure hemp oil, and closely monitor their progress. You can’t be too safe when it comes to keeping your pets safe!

Another fantastic thing about the incredibly low THC content of pure hemp oil is that it is legal to purchase pure hemp oil in all fifty states! It also does not require a medical marijuana license to purchase pure hemp oil. So if you are at all worried about the legality of buying Functional Remedies’ products in your state, there is absolutely no reason to hesitate when purchasing our pure hemp oil. You will be able get all the great benefits of pure hemp oil, without any legal issues whatsoever!

The Functional Remedies manufacturing method: quality and care

Now that we’ve discussed the many things people are trying out pure hemp oil for, and all the reasons why it’s an easily obtainable and worry free product to use, let’s talk about what makes Functional Remedies products so unique, dependable, and assured to have the highest quality.

It all starts with the plants. Or rather, with the seeds. You know from reading this article that hemp has long been cultivated for its many useful qualities by a number of cultures, and Functional Remedies has continued that cultivation to allow for our pure hemp oil products to achieve their maximum potential. The seeds that Functional Remedies uses are patented by us, and are the result of decades of research and development. Functional Remedies’ chief science officer and president, Tim Gordon, has dedicated over twenty-five years to growing Functional Remedies’ superior strains of hemp. Functional Remedies’ patented seeds are planted and grown on our own organic farm in Colorado. Unlike many other companies that make products using hemp, we know exactly where our hemp plants come from and what goes into growing them. We ensure that the hemp plants we use are organic and that our farm is run sustainably. This doesn’t just help us create a product that is superior in quality, it also ensures that our customers do not have any reason to worry about where the plants used in our products came from, or how they were planted, grown, and cultivated. We know all of this information about our plants that other companies might not, and we’re proud to be able to share that information with you, so that you know you’re getting the best pure hemp oil products.

Once we have our organically and sustainably grown patented grown plants, next comes our manufacturing process. Like the seeds used to grow the plants themselves, our manufacturing process is also patented. This is one of many reasons why Functional Remedies pure hemp oil products are so wonderful—no other company making pure hemp oil products is doing exactly what we are doing with our plants. Our patented manufacturing methods mean that we are offering you the highest quality product that we can, a pure hemp oil product that is uniquely our own and guaranteed to have great value because of the level of quality and care that Functional Remedies commits to when manufacturing our pure hemp oil. To help ensure this high level of quality, our plants and products undergo quality testing at multiple stages of the production process, because Functional Remedies cares about making sure our pure hemp oil is of the utmost value for you and all of your pure hemp oil needs.

To elaborate on Functional Remedies manufacturing process, let me tell you one thing that makes our pure hemp oil products so special: we use the whole plant in the manufacturing process. What does that mean? It means we get the most out of our plants when making our pure hemp oil, and therefore, so does everyone who purchases and uses our array of products. We refuse to use any concentrates when crafting our pure hemp oil. Functional Remedies’ pure hemp oil products have between one hundred and six hundred percent more phytocompounds (chemical compounds found in plants) than other companies’ hemp oil products, and don’t just take my word for it—this is a fact that has been proven and verified by lab testing done by third parties! Using the full spectrum of compounds from the whole plant is believed to be better for the endocannabinoid system, and that means you’ll get the most out of Functional Remedies’ pure hemp oil products.

Tinctures and capsules and salves, oh my!

Functional Remedies offers pure hemp oil in multiple varieties for usage, including tinctures, capsules, and salves. Because people of various backgrounds, lifestyles, and ages are experimenting with pure hemp oil for so many different reasons, Functional Remedies doesn’t expect customers to want to consume pure hemp oil products in only one fashion. With multiple options for taking pure hemp oil, we are certain that Functional Remedies will be able to find the method that is right for you! You can purchase Functional Remedies’ pure hemp oil products in varying concentrations, which means that you get to choose which dosage you want, how much of our product you want to have available for usage, and with all the options for using our products, you also get to choose how you want to take our pure hemp oil. There’s no wrong way to use Functional Remedies’ pure hemp oil products, because no matter what method you use to take our pure hemp oil, you are guaranteed a high quality product made from plants cultivated with care, and made with a patented production method that ensures you’ll be getting a full-spectrum hemp oil product  that simply cannot be matched by companies outsourcing the farming of hemp plants to other manufacturers, or companies that create their pure hemp oil from concentrates that don’t use the whole plant. That’s just the Functional Remedies way—accessible, high quality pure hemp oil available in tinctures, capsules, and salves, and with multiple dosage options! So with the Functional Remedies way, you can do what is right for you.

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