Functional Remedies has always put consumer interests first, and has led the industry by ensuring products on the shelf and online are legitimate, efficacious, and legal.

The term “CBD,” which is an acronym for cannabidiol, represents a single molecule, and because it’s the primary ingredient in an FDA-approved drug, the FDA has mandated that “CBD” cannot be marketed as a dietary supplement or used as a food additive to date. Labels, websites, and sales collateral that use this term are in violation of FDA policy.

Operating openly in violation of FDA regulations,
many CBD manufacturers are:

  • Making unsupported medical claims about their products
  • Imitating OTC drugs and claiming “pain relief” by combining CBD with other ingredients
  • Promoting their products as “full-spectrum” when they are not
  • Using “CBD” in their company names, product names, marketing materials and website


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When you see “CBD Oil” on a product label or website, it often means the product is made from a CBD isolate or concentrate that’s been extracted from hemp through a harsh CO2 process that uses high pressure and/or chemical solvents to fracture cells. This process can greatly diminish the other phytonutrients that work with CBD to make whole-plant hemp oil so effective.

A true full-spectrum hemp oil is made with the whole hemp plant and contains high levels of phytocannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, polyphenols, and more – all of which work together to have the greatest effect in your body. Unlike the extraction process, an infusion process like Functional Remedies’ proprietary LipidTrans™ technique truly preserves that natural balance.

Choosing products not made from the whole hemp plant is like drinking canned orange juice from concentrate instead of freshly squeezed. Unfortunately, many CBD oil companies inaccurately promote their products as “full-spectrum.”


Everything we do is measured by the same standard: make it the absolute highest quality or don’t make it at all. From seed genetics and next-gen agroscience, to our proprietary LipidTrans™ infusion process and rigorous testing protocols, every step of the Functional Remedies journey is designed to create the most efficacious hemp-based products on Earth.

As the only hemp company accepted as a member of the Consumer Healthcare Products Association, Functional Remedies is committed to setting a new standard for quality and leadership in the industry.

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“My patients have tried other hemp oils, but to no avail. After discovering Functional Remedies, I visited them to see their superior process, which results in a superior product. Having recommended Functional Remedies whole-plant hemp oil to over 7,000 patients over 3 years, I have seen their lives improve significantly as a direct result. Functional Remedies’ products are truly exceptional and beneficial.”

Dr. Charles Weng, MD—Baltimore, Maryland
NOT a paid endorsement.