In Search of the Strongest Hemp Oil? Look No Further!

Natural supplements are on the rise. And among them, pure hemp oil stands out as an incredibly versatile and risk-free product that people are trying out for a variety of reasons. But not all hemp oil products have the same level of strength, and not all hemp oil manufacturing companies have a steadfast commitment to quality. Functional Remedies aims to ensure that both of these aspects are met with our line of pure hemp oil products.

What makes Functional Remedies Hemp oil a strong, high quality product?

Functional Remedies’ hemp oil has no concentrates whatsoever. Our patented plants have been cultivated for hemp oil use, and are organically and sustainably farmed by Functional Remedies. This way, we know where our plants come from, and can make sure that they meet our standards. The entire plant is used in the manufacturing process, ensuring that the full spectrum of compounds found in our strains of hemp plants is utilized to its maximum potential strength. Functional Remedies’ lipid infusion process also means that all the phytonutrients in the plants are being made as available as possible in the final product. Before being sold, Functional Remedies’ hemp oil is tested by third party labs for potency, so that the quality and strength of the hemp oil can be fully guaranteed.

If pure hemp oil is strong, how much should a person take?

Functional Remedies offers multiple dosage sizes and intake methods, so that you can get our high quality hemp oil at the strength that best suits your needs, in the way that’s most ideal for you. We recommend starting off with smaller dosages and keeping track of your intake to find what works best for the reason you are trying out hemp oil. Individuals of varying sizes and weights, with different metabolic rates, of various ages, or those taking hemp oil for any number of specific reasons, may find that a higher dosage of hemp oil works more effectively for them. Or some people may prefer sticking to a smaller dosage size. Whatever works best! No matter how much hemp oil a person takes, with Functional Remedies’ products they are getting strong, high quality hemp oil.

Will stronger hemp oil products get you high?

Even the strongest hemp oil cannot get you high. With how incredibly low the THC content of hemp oil is (0.3%), no matter the dosage size or how frequently it is consumed, it is simply impossible for a hemp oil product to cause any sort of psychotropic reaction or effect on the individual using it. This means that even if you opt to use a higher dosage of hemp oil because it suits your needs better, it still will not impair you in any way mentally. You can go about your regular activities unaffected.

The only time this may not be true however, is for people with certain medical conditions. While there is absolutely no way for hemp oil to get a person high, in rare cases, higher dosages may affect other physical aspects of the person using hemp oil. Those with Parkinson’s may experience muscle movement, and those taking hepatic drugs or blood pressure medication may be negatively affected by taking higher doses of hemp oil. There have also been rare occurrences of people taking high doses who have experienced lightheadedness or drowsiness. Such occurrences only affect a small fraction of those using pure hemp oil products, but be sure to consult your doctor before trying out hemp oil for medical reasons. And as mentioned previously, start off with smaller doses so that you can better determine if using hemp oil is the right choice for you.

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