In our busy lives filled with an abundance of technology, Facebook events, travel opportunities, and an onslaught of responsibilities, personal well-being is becoming a big consideration. We go-go-go, from morning to night, running from one thing to another, a screen in our hand or on our desk – occasionally for some, but all day long for others – loading us up with data and information to the point of overload. It’s no wonder there’s a new festival, retreat, or now even ‘restival’ around every corner, beckoning us to come in for a landing in Costa Rica, Bali, or the wiles of Idaho, to take care of ourselves. Why are so many of us flocking to these getaways? Humans need decompression, relaxation, and peace. We need to get away! We need WELL-BEING.

According to, well-being is defined as: “A good or satisfactory condition of existence; a state characterized by health, happiness, and prosperity.” Quite the opposite of our previous illustration of the go-go-go of life these days. Clearly, finding a BALANCE between the go-go-go and our wellbeing is super necessary! While vacations, restivals, and other eventful ways to rebalance and get grounded are options every once in awhile, we still need to find ways to achieve well-being on the daily. And for many, these fancy time-outs are not an option in the first place. Whether you’re able to get away or not, one of the best tools you can find to help you find your balance is hemp oil. That’s right, hemp oil is great for promoting overall well-being.

Take it from Kai, Lab Manager at Functional Remedies. Kai tells us, “A huge benefit of hemp oil is the general sense of well-being and balance in life it can bring.” Since so many of us are on the hunt for shortcuts, tips and tricks to achieving the well-being we so desire, aka life hacking, this is welcome news. Combined with solid nutrition, exercise, and downtime with things like meditation, reading, and creative endeavors such as drawing or painting, hemp oil has a strong role to play in achieving well-being and balance in our lives.

So, if we’re not being well, what are we being? Likely, we’re out of balance. This means things like discomfort and other negative feelings that keep us from finding our inner peace and relaxation. Inner peace is so necessary in order to recharge our internal batteries, allowing us to go on, as our warrior selves, out in the world another day. “Hemp oil with cannabinoids can diminish discomfort – whether that manifests as worries and stress or discomfort physically – hemp oil can help alleviate all types of discomfort,” notes Kai.  

Hemp oil is an important part of a daily practice in a more abstract sense as well. Kai loves that using hemp oil in our daily lives, “…helps us to return to a respect for plants and herbal medicine and the complexity of benefits of what we can find in nature.” It’s no mystery that the natural world holds an abundance of healing benefits for us. Simply taking a walk in nature can do wonders for achieving improved inner peace and helping us to decompres from our busy lives. Mother nature – she is certainly there for us!

Nowadays, people are adding hemp oil into their daily practice, as it’s well known that inner peace is key to a healthy body and a healthy mind, potentially diminishing one’s experience of pain, anxiety, inflammation and depression. Balance in our lives becomes extra necessary when faced with more challenging things like cancer and heart disease. Natural practices for achieving balance in our lives are a great bet for optimizing our health and achieving inner peace and a sense of overall wellness.

A busy stressful life is a life that’s more vulnerable to debilitating conditions such as chronic pain and inflammation, arthritis, sleep disorders and insomnia, anxiety and depression, skin conditions, poor appetite and poor metabolic function, a weaker immune system, and chronic diseases and cancer. Savvy individuals are taking a more active role in their health and wellness by learning what it means to be healthy and taking action on behalf of their health. Safe methods of moving away from certain pharmaceutical medications with difficult side effects while tuning in to a more holistic ways of supporting good health is on the rise.

Hemp oil is a fantastic tool to add to your wellness toolbelt. This is especially true of full spectrum hemp oil, as it contains not only cannabinoids, but all the beneficial elements of the whole plant. Hemp oil helps bring the body back to homeostasis, which actually means internal stability, equilibrium, and BALANCE!

THE IMPORTANCE AND BENEFITS OF USING HEMP OIL was last modified: September 9th, 2019 by ianhwoods