CBD Hemp Oil for Pets

Hemp Tinctures Can Work for Dogs, Cats and Horses, Too

Although the CBD hemp oil tinctures sold by Functional Remedies are human food-grade dietary herbal supplements, many of our customers find these products to also be a powerful tool for caring for their pets. We currently have a partnership with Monarch Pet Supply, which distributes the tinctures to hundreds of pet stores and veterinary clinics for purchase. You can purchase these same products right here on our web site.

Supporting the health of dogs and cats with cannabinoids works with the same science as with humans. All animals with vertebrae have what is known as an endocannabinoid system. This is the biological method of the body regulating homeostasis, and it is possible for the body to have a deficiency in the natural production of these cannabinoids. When this system is out of balance, the person (or pet) may suffer from a wide host of emotional and physical ailments. By supporting this system, it is possible to have a more even emotional disposition, relief from physical discomfort and other holistic health benefits.

Customers Find Help for Pets with CBD Hemp Oil

Due to the FDA regulations regarding what all herbal nutritional supplement can say, we’re unable to offer the long list of what CBD hemp oil can be used to help in dogs, cats and horses. However, representatives from animal rescue groups often call our customer service team to discuss usage for a wide variety of emotional and physical concerns facing pets today.

The main question pet owners have is whether our cannabis oil can help address the anxiety of their pets. Rescue dogs and cats have often been traumatized by abuse from previous owners, time “behind bars” in a kennel, during thunderstorms and the stress of adjusting to new surroundings. A 2015 study published by the US National Library of Medicine’s National Institutes of Health concluded that “CBD has considerable potential as a treatment for multiple anxiety disorders.”

Other customers call us about the potential use for seizures, since the phenobarbital that is often prescribed by veterinarians can cause dogs to be especially lethargic. CBD Hemp Oil, in most humans and animals, does not cause extreme drowsiness so they are able to maintain a high quality of life. Some pet owners have used the Functional Remedies products to address stiff joints or simply overall health for their animals. Cat owners are often searching for end-of-life comfort. We’ve heard a lot of ideas, and we would love to hear more!

What Are the Recommended Serving Sizes?

Our products do not have special packaging designed for pets – since we mainly are working with human health. A serving size for the tincture for humans is one dropper-full, or 0.75 milliliters, once or twice a day. That equals about 6 mg for the 250 mg tincture and 12 mg for the 500 mg bottle of pure CBD tincture. We encourage customers to start with the smallest dose, document the results and then determine if an increase is needed.

It can trickier to determine a proper serving size for your pet, since it is obviously more difficult to gauge results. Like humans, every animal is different. How much you should give your pet really depends on the size and situation your pet is dealing with. It is important to watch carefully for a response in your pet and adjust the serving size as needed. Overall, our advice is:

  • Dogs: We recommend 1 mg for every 10 pounds of weight.
  • Cats: They require a little less, so we recommend 1 mg for every 20 pounds of weight.
  • Horses: We have found that horses respond well to very small amounts of cannabinoids. We suggest 5 mg for every 1,000 pounds of weight. It’s also possible to use a salve for horses with muscle injuries.

Tips for Using CBD Tinctures for Pet Health

Start with giving your animals these servings two times a day, and if necessary you can gradually increase to three times a day. To apply, we recommend simply using the tincture dropper (one depression of the bulb equals 0.75 milliliters of liquid) and putting it straight in the animal’s mouth or on its food. Some customers just dispense the liquid into their hand, and the dog will simply lick it up. They like the taste!

If a human is using CBD hemp oil as well, be sure to have separate bottles for your animals so that you do not add bacteria from the pet’s mouth into your tincture! Based on the experience of our customers, it seems that it takes about 20 minutes for the serving to show results in animals. Be sure to plan out when to give your pet the CBD hemp oil in advance if they are suffering from separation anxiety or need to go in the car. Pets can be intelligent. First provide them with their serving of hemp tincture, wait a bit and then put your shoes on. Anxiety can be triggered well before the door opens.

Your Animal Will Not “Get High”

Pet owners would need to administer a very, very large amount of CBD oils for an animal to suffer from THC toxic symptoms. CBD hemp oil, of course, comes from hemp and not marijuana. While they both come from the same cannabis plant, hemp, by definition, has 0.3 percent THC, which is the cannabinoid that has psychotropic qualities and causes a euphoric high. This means that CBD hemp oil – unlike edible medical marijuana – has very low amounts of THC. However, it can contain traces of THC, so it is important to never give an animal or human too much of our products.

Still, the THC would have to be extremely concentrated in order to have impacts on animals, and rarely the symptoms are fatal. This is why we underscore that our herbal dietary supplements are safe for both humans and animals. If there were safety concerns, pet stores and veterinary clinics would not carry our products!

Yes, CBD Hemp Oil for Pets (and Humans) is Completely Legal

In all 50 states, regardless of marijuana laws whether recreational or medicinal, CBD oil for pets and humans is 100 percent legal. We are able to ship throughout the United States, and you are able to receive packages with CBD hemp oil without any cause for legal concern. Just as you are able to buy hemp rope, hemp clothing, hemp seed oil and hemp milk, you can also purchase our pure CBD hemp oil for pets. While we cannot guarantee that your pet will pass a drug test – (Some tests look for any type of cannabinoid; we recommend talking to the employer and requesting a test that looks specifically for THC if there is concern.) – we also wonder why someone would be drug-testing a pet in the first place.

Does CBD Hemp Oil Work for Exotic Species as Well?

We have talked with owners of dogs, cats and horses who have purchased tinctures for pets. However, as stated earlier, any animal with vertebrae has an endocannabinoid system. This means that any animal with a spine can benefit from emotional and physical homeostasis supported with CBD hemp oil. One customer called to discuss using CBD oil for her pet pig. Using cannabis oil for overall health for birds and other vertebrate animals may be worth exploring.

Functional Remedies Offers Pure CBD Hemp Oil

There are many reasons to choose our hemp oil for dogs, cats or horses, and the number one reason is that we offer the highest quality product on the market. Based in Colorado, we start with patented seeds with superior genetics that provide the highest level of CBD cannabinoids with less than 0.3 percent of THC. Those seeds are then grown with care on our organic farm and greenhouses, harvested and transported just three hours away to our laboratory.

In our lab, our technicians use the whole plant (the hemp flowers, leaves and stems, but not much of the fibrous stalk) to create our products. This sets us apart from many other producers, who often extract the CBD isolate to create a white powder that is then added to a base. By using the whole plant, we take advantage of what is known as the “entourage effect,” which provides the benefits of other cannabinoids, terpenes and nutritional elements of the entire plant. Our hemp goes through a gentle lipid infusion method, protecting the plant membrane, to create a sort of tea in MDT oils for our tinctures.

We test our products repeatedly before they hit the shelves so that we can ensure the proper potency in each batch, so you can trust that the Functional Remedies tinctures, capsules and salves are exactly in the potency we promise on the bottle.

We are Here to Help with Any Questions about Hemp for Pets

Our customer service team is available through online chat or by phone to answer any question you may have about CBD tinctures for pets. We know that you care deeply for your animals and wish for them to have good overall health through every stage of life. When searching for holistic care for animals, there can be a lot of confusion – so let us help! Contact us anytime.