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Great product!

Have ordered this product twice now, and haven't been disappointed.

Unrecognized packaging

2nd attempt to submit. I do not understand this email content. I have been out of the country since the end of August. I do not have record of a purchase of any CBd oil in the “past 2 weeks”. I made no purchases online of any kind while in Asia. Please send record of purchase and charges. Thanks

CBD salve is great

Wonderful treatment for painful areas !

It works for me

FR’s hemp oil salve relieves pain from my arthritic shoulders sufficiently that I can go to sleep quickly and sleep through the night.

Too soon to know

Use this once a day prior to sleeping. Think it helps calm me for sleep but will try not using it one night to test it out.


I have tried many products that never worked. This has!

Functional Remedies Whole-Plant CBD Hemp-Oil 500mg Salve 1/2 oz

So Good! I love your online store. It functions so well.

Functional Remedies Whole-Plant CBD Hemp-Oil Capsules 25mg

This is one of the best CBD's on the market I have experience using. High quality, and I have had exceptional success using this product.

Whole-Plant CBD Hemp-Oil Tincture 250mg

This is a very beneficial product for pain and stiffness but I prefer the 25mg capsules.

FR drops

This product works so good I'll never let myself go without it. My son is also now hooked on it !

Great Product

Working fantastic for me.

Pure, clean, and effective

Best full spectrum hemp oil on the market easily . The farming , harvesting , extracting , and production are most eco friendly/progressive in the industry . 🙌

Active Seniors

Functional Remedies has helped me to stay moving and active at 65 years of age. I've used both the Hemp Oil 50mg capsules and the Endosport Hemp Oil salve. Highly recommended.

Great Product

This product has worked very well for me. I would highly recommend it.

A whole new world!

I started taking this product on the recommendation of a friend. Words can't describe the amount of difference I feel by taking this product vs. others I have tried in the past. In fact, I was so motivated to express my appreciation of this product that I came back to the website to write this review! Thank you Functional Remedies!! - RF

Endo Sport Hemp Capsules

These capsules are a very convenient way to get the benefis of hemp oil w/o having to mix it with water. One capsule before bedtime & your done. Great product.

Quality Hand Pressed, Whole Plant HEMP OIL

We are happy and impressed with Functional Remedies Hemp Oil! Their lipid infusion process delivers a maximum level of nutrients for our optimal wellness. We have had good results with this quality product.


Wanted to wait to see if this would help, I believe it is. This is the 4th CBD I have tried. Will order more.

Endo sport capsules

Prompt delivery after placing order. Taking 1 - 10mg capsules daily will bump up to 2 per day to find out different results.

Love the Quality, Works well for me

High Quality products, I feel more calm and less tension in my muscles

As advertised

Easy ordering and delivery. Quality product.

Improved Mobility

I have only used EndoSport for a few days but have seen a reduction in pain and improved overall mobility. I am anxious to see the results after a few weeks of consistent use. I am very hopeful in the products benefits.

It’s good

I’ve been taking these for about two weeks. I can definitely see a difference in my sleep and in my aches and pains. Definitely recommend.