Many companies use high-pressure CO2 or chemical solvents to extract CBD from the hemp plant. These harsh processes fracture the cells of the plant, greatly diminishing its phytonutrient content.

Instead, our whole-hemp LipidTrans™ process maximizes the natural benefits of the plant by harnessing all of its phytonutrients without the use of any contaminants.

To create the most efficacious hemp oil available, we…

    • Start with the most nutrient-rich hemp seeds
    • Ensure our plants are healthy and happy by maintaining soil balance
    • Hand-press our plants in the highest-quality natural oils 
    • Preserve the plant’s phytonutrients by infusing them with lipids
    • Test for quality again and again from the seed to the bottle

This process lets us offer you hemp oil solutions that restore your body’s balance, so you can be at your best.