Below are hemp oil reviews from some of our customers.

*Please note: Due to FDA compliance guidelines, specific medical condition names have been removed from customer reviews and replaced with the wording "[health concern]". Additionally, we have replaced any review mentioning the term "CBD" with "Hemp Oil".

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so far is making feel better


These capsules help me feel relaxed and sharper during the day. Fantastic product all around.

Hemp Salve

I love the way this is applied, it's easy and works

The product works

I have taking the 500 mg tincture for two weeks now and it has helped with better calmness and sleep quality

Good stuff

Enjoying the benefits!

Effective Relief!

I workout every day and sit at my desk for work. I try to be healthy, but at 51, I could lose some weight and eat a bit better. Who couldn't? My [*physical discomforts] have lessened. I sleep more soundly through the night. My mood is lighter. All in all, this is an effective product and I strongly recommend using it.

A More Natural Alternative

Recommended by family who live in Colorado, I decided to try Functional Remedies [hemp oil] for [*health concern] and other aging maladies. It took a bit of experimentation with the Hemp Oil tincture to find the right dose, but I'm currently taking it twice a day. I also use the Hemp Oil salve topically as needed. It has taken about two months to confirm the positive results I feel. Both have significantly reduced my [*physical discomfort], improved my sleep and I generally feel much better. While in CO I purchased a different brand of [hemp oil] to compare results. Functional Remedies clearly helped managed my symptoms better than the other brand. As a senior citizen on Medicare with budget concerns, I wish [hemp oil] was not so expensive, but for now it is really helping me.

EndoSport Hemp Oil Tincture 500mg

Good product with constant results.

I started using this for [*health concern] management. It works. The only side affect I've found is drowsiness.

Hemp oil

Luv the oil & great service!


I use the tincture for sleep. The oil works beautifully. I get a good night’s sleep without any morning hangover.

[hemp oil] for [*health concern]

I have been using [hemp oil] for [*health concern] in my feet for a few months. This brand works best and has made a huge difference in being able to sleep.


I was skeptical as topical salves don't work for me, but this salve is exceptional, after application and 5 minutes goodbye [*physical discomfort]. I will reorder this, as well as, all the products I have purchased. THEY ALL WORK. Big Pharma and the opiate machine watch out! This is a natural approach that works!

Great product

Love it


Aloha Functional Remedies !!! Ordered the 500ml tincture oil for my BF because of [*health concern] in his shoulders ... he’s only been taking it a week . [*physical discomfort] seems to be less intense he’s also sleeping better:) mahalo for ur product !

Always good

Our order process is always fast and easy.

This Product Works Wonders!!!

This was one of the first products I purchased from their line and now I'm hooked. This product is great for me and my pets and it's great for [*health concern] and helping you sleep. I had upgraded to the higher dosages but I highly recommend getting the low dosage first and working your way up.

These capsules are amazing

I love these capsules they help me to sleep at night and I don't wake up in the middle of the night like I used to. This product is a game changer.


I notice the benefits of Functional Remedies products when I run out. A few days and my stomach doesn't feel quite right, don't sleep as soundly, and just feel stiffer all over. One or two days after starting half a dropper morning and evening and those issues subside

Great Salve

I have [*health concern] in my neck and shoulder… works better than anything I have used before.

Amazing !

My elbows have hurt for a year. I started the hemp oil in November. Within a few days this reduced to 10 % opposed to 80% [*physical discomfort]. This really works! I have introduced to 15 other friends/family and it does make a difference. My vet, not knowing I am using this product, suggested for our 15 year old dog. I ordered it yesterday. Try it. You have to take it every day. But it works!

Great product

Works well for my daughter to sleep at night.

Excellent product

I was having terrible [*health concern]. This product really helps me sleep well. Great Product.

Fast Shipping!

Got here in a very timely manner. Good to know I can count on getting things when I need them.