Below are hemp oil reviews from some of our customers.

*Please note: Due to FDA compliance guidelines, specific medical condition names have been removed from customer reviews and replaced with the wording "[health concern]". Additionally, we have replaced any reviewer mentioning the term "CBD" with "Hemp Oil".

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CBD Oil vs Pain

I haven’t taken the product for more then a week. It has already started helping me with inflammation. The pain has totally subsided. I will continue taking the tincture for relief.

Best cbd available

My wife uses this for her pain associated with cronicyme diease and it really helps a lot.


I’ve noticed improvements in my fibromyalgia pain.
So far, so good!


The 500mg Hemp tincture has been helping me out with my anxiety quite a bit. I was having problems sleeping, and always ended up take half a Xanax to help me stay asleep. I wanted to stop taking Xanax, and purchased the 500mg hemp. Since I switched, I sleep even better than when I would take Xanax. I also feel that it helps improve my mood. Almost through my second bottle. Thank you guys!

My dog loves it!

His "concern" was helped so much from his daily drops of the 250mg tincture. Now, its the cat's turn!!

1000 mg Tincture

I cannot give a review as we have not opened this bottle yet. Still using 500mg & not certain of the benefits on thec500 mg either Purchased for my husband who has liver cancer. He will have his liver scanned in approx two months. Maybe we will have some good news then!


It’s been good thk you- will use you again but need phone number!

Still experimenting

I haren’t used it enough to say pro or con. Trying it on a torn Achilles’ tendon, which is a slow healing process. Pain seems to be lessening

Hemp Tincture 1000mg

Oil seems to be helping with joint pain and inflammation. No more Tylenol!.

So pleased with results

Ordered and received product with ease. Noticed within 10 days serious relief for painful [*health concern] and swelling has gone way down in my neck and hips

Too early to know

My husband has liver cancer. he is using the 500 mg hemp oil but I think it is too soon to notice a difference. He has had one chemo treatment & did not have a problem with nausea so its very possible the Hemp oil prevented it. I am also taking two droperfuls every night, puts me to sleep immediately & I sleep all night long

Your product is working well. Very pleased.

I Love this stuff!!!

Absolutely the BEST [*hemp] oil out there!! Look no further. Customer service people are super friendly and outstanding!

[*Hemp] oil

This is the BEST [*hemp oil] available anywhere. Great for using the 1000mg..sand certainly makes life fun now..

The Best stuff

This has made a world of difference for my husband who has major pain issues.

Itching less!

My dog has allergies and was very itchy. After giving her Functional Remedies Clarify her itching has decreased dramatically!! We are very happy with the oil!


Product is good, but has a taste like vegetable oil which is not very appealing. Is it the MCT oil that has an odd taste? I do not feel the affects immediately. It appears to be helping my tinnitus by reducing the loudness of the hissing noise in the back of my head.

[*Hemp] Oil

Took the stabbing pain away from my feet. Still have pain but not like it was. Neuropathy is hell.

Hemp Infused Oil caps

They have worked great. I am very pleased with the product.

Fast acting on back

It worked fast for my inflamed ligament. It also smells good. Will buy again soon!

For the dogs

The best we found for our dogs

Clarify Hemp Capsules 25mg


Great products for my dog and I

I use this product on myself and my dog. I use it on me for stress and to calm my mood. I use it on my dog for his joints. I gave some to my friend for her cat. He was acting crazy after a major surgery and he improved so quickly. Hes clamed down and is back to his normal self.

Instant calm

This tincture washes a wonderful calm over me, almost instantly. I also use it for mouth health.

Clarify Timcture Hemp Oil 500mg

So convenient to have this on auto delivery.