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*Please note: Due to FDA compliance guidelines, specific medical condition names have been removed from customer reviews and replaced with the wording "[health concern]".

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Clarify is fabulous

We've been using Clarify Reserve Hemp for a number of months and have seen significant health improvement. The order was filled quickly and correctly. We will continue to re-order.


It seems to calm my body helping my autoimmune situation.

Excellent product and service

My wife and I use this topical product for joint inflammation. It's amazing! We called with some questions, and Functional Remedies staff were prompt, courteous and very informative. Thanks so much!

Clarify review

Shipment came on time and product is as expected.

This Stuff Works!!

I am using this Hemp Salve for a chronic golfers elbow on my right elbow. It works. When I put it on before the round, I have no issues and don't have to wear my brace anymore.

Good Product

I put a couple of drops under my tongue before I go to bed each night and I have found that I go to sleep more quickly, sleep more deeply and even when I have fewer than 8 hours sleep I can function better the next day. I also like that it doesn't come form marijuana but hemp, a close, nationally legal, cousin. I am pleased with the product.

So far, so good!

This is has been great for my 9 yr old large breed, female mastiff/shepherd mix who suffers from knee & hip arthritis. Will keep using. Using about 1/2 dropper 2-3x/day in veggie caps. She's about 125lbs.

Clarify Reserve Hemp Oil Tincture

Easy to order and delivered in a timely manner. Product is what I expected.

Clarify nourishing hemp

amazing instant results! very happy with this product

Good for pain management

I took a dropper full several times a day which brought down horrific pain from a major [*health concern] removal. Very thankful!

Awesome product

2 drops and I sleep great! No sleep meds needed anymore.

Another miracle!

I have to say that I'd prefer a tub vs the stick. Now, let's talk effectiveness. Holy cow!! The ultimate pain relief success, besides carpal tunnel, herniated discs in neck etc, was my splenomegaly (enlarged and very painful spleen!). I was desperate and applied the salve to my abdomen and within minutes.....NO PAIN!! I kid you not! The relief lasts for hours too. Oh, the smell is divine.

14 days of CBD...

I love de flavor of this CBD. It's something close to home where i just want to come back to. It makes me mellow. It gives me a space between whatever reaction i may have to de circumstances and de expression of dat so my response is mostly just silent. i just feel good about everything. There's no conclusions in my mind and dat just feels fine. i believe dis is de reason why most people seem to smile at me much mo over dese last couple a weeks.
Anyway i just haf to say, life is good. Life is real good since i been squirting dis stuff. i gotta get me su mo, real soon.
De only reason i put jus 4 stars instead of 5 is because i tink it's gonna get even betta. I just given myself some wiggle room so i can write another review next month when things go to de next level. ahaha...


Clarify Reserve Hemp Tincture 500mg

250 mg drops.

Just discovered Cbd hemp oil... first day / runny eyes + noise gone. 2nd day / thinking more clearly / re: 65 years old. Couch potato / more energy to do things and go places with my wife !!! 3rd day/ 50mg / feel better than I have in a long time. Re: 4 major operations in the last 5 years. Just ordered 50mg capsules. Enjoy the taste of hemp oil !!!

Oil purchase

Very easy to order what I needed. The shipping was fast. Will definitely order from you in the future.


Epic products- exceeded all expectations. Getting ready to order more! Exceptional.

Unparalleled Product, Excellent Company

Organic, full spectrum, single origin products backed by years of variety experimentation. The 500mg Reserve tincture improves my quality of life in ways I didn’t expect. And, the team are a friendly, dedicated bunch of people.

Awesome product

Great for joint pain or to Target a certain area of pain. Easy to apply and not greasy. Love this!

It’s all about choices

I treating my 3 lb. [*health concern] chihuahua with Clarify Reserve Hemp Oil from Functional Remedies. So far the results are very encouraging. I am so grateful to have this alternative to main stream medicine which I know would have potentially damaging ramifications.

Another miracle!

I believe CBD oil has improved my vision! My eye Dr. was really amazed at the change since I last saw him a few months ago, which was about the time I began taking CBD.
My [*health concern] and [*health concern] is much improved! My [*health concern] and [*health concern] is incredibly improved!
I feel I should be the CBD oil poster child.

CBD oil now a part of day to day life

I'm just finishing my first order of CBD oil capsules and they do seem to be working. I have very arthritic shoulders and the pain associated with them seems to be on the decline. I'm impressed enough to send in my second order.

Clarify Hemp Tincture

We are very happy with the product and will purchase more in the future.
If you are on blood thinners ask your Doctor


Excellent so far. Will definitely continue to reorder

Life Changer

Amazing product! This has definitely changed my life!

Bone on Bone

We are trying CBD oil to offset the constant pain from [*health concern] - bone on bone. It has been ten days so far. While I am not ready to say it is working, because it may just be a placebo effect, I am able to walk almost as if I just had a cortisone shot. And curiously my blood pressure dropped. Just saying...

Clarify 1000 MG

It takes a little bit of experimentation, but this is very good, for pain.

Consensus is that it makes a difference

We have three people trying the 10mg capsules for 30 days, ages 81, 75, and 56. All three are male. The consolidated list of maladies include two [*health concerns], one [*health concern], one [*health concern], three [*health concerns], [*health concerns], a grade three [*health concern], plus the usual range of general [*health concern] pain. After 3 weeks, all three men said they have noticeably less pain and stiffness. One of the men skipped two days of dosage (forgot to take the bottle on a trip) and said he noticed an increase in his joint stiffness during those two days; therefore there seems to be a short term benefit to taking each pill. We have just submitted an order for a second month to see if there are longer term cumulative improvements, but the consensus is that this product makes a noticeable difference in the quality of every day life.

Amazing CBD oil!

Everything about this company rocks. The CBD oil tastes great and the quality is top notch. I am already starting to see a difference in my overall well being.


I still have pain from [*health concern] and from severe tears in my rotator cups. But I dont want to say anything negative because it's only been a couple of weeks.

Bumping up from 250mg to 500mg made the difference.

Taking this once daily has made my coping with occasional [*health concern] that much better! So glad I upped the strength too. It's a made a difference.

[*health concern] and [*health concern] fighter

I am still trying to find the right dosage so this tincture might be perfect for someone else. It helps me a little with my [*health concern] and pain but it is still there.

Good for aches

I have been taking 900mg 2xday for 2 weeks and I have noticed some reduction in my body aches. Will keep on taking.

Last Chance

I have been in severe chronic back pain ever since a car accident in June 2016. I had all kinds of injections, ablations and of course opiods. The Clarify 1,000mg liquid and the Clarify ointment has helped to minimize the pain. I like that Clarify is organic and is processed in Colorado for increased purity.

Tincture oil for my cats hyper aesthetic events

I just started her on it a week ago BID just one drop. So far so good, her episodes are less frequent. I work at a vet hospital and was referred to try this. I will prob have to bring her up to TID next week, but pleased with the results so far. Hopefully she can get to a point of not having any episodes. I have referred this company to multiple employees and clients. I would recommend.

Great customer service as well. I had some issues with UPS and they sent me out a replacement and allowed me to keep the original. So happy I purchased!

Good product

Enjoy using clarity. I think the price is a little high.

Perfect product

These folks make a consistently wonderful product. highly recommended.

Customer review

Easy to do!


Great product.

High quality product

Prompt service and the product was high quality, just as expected. I would definitely order this product again.

Great for my pet.

I use it with my dog that just had knee surgery and it works great in bringing him relief.

Amazing product!

Using it for my dog and seeing great results. Going to order more for myself :)


Great product. Just the right strength.

Pleased with quality and customer service

We use the oil for our dog who has severe [*health concern]. After 2 months of use we are seeing a huge difference in her overall quality of life. She seems to be in less pain and able to tolerate the oil in her food. This oil is great and customer service has been satisfactory.

I take it everyday,

I have been taking 25mg of CBD every day for over a year. It helped with the pain and [*health concern] after shoulder surgery (I was released by my surgeon earlier than expected because I did so well). It also helps me to relax at the end of the day and sleep much better. I think when we can reduce [*health concern] in our bodies it is a good thing. I highly recommend.

Functions as intended

Purchased this as I had used the tinctures to determine what amount I like using but preferred the stability of more exacting dose. Works as before, consistent dosing - good all around.

Great Product! Highly recommend!!

Really helps my daughter with her [*health concern]. Was concerned with Antidepressants at 13.. So happy with this wonderful CBD

Great benefits from Clarify Reserve!

I have been using Functional Remedies hemp oil for several months and can honestly say I have experienced it's benefits. I have [*health concern] and the oil has given me relief from pain, and has provided me with quality sleep. [*Health concern] is another stressor in my life. Functional Remedies oil takes the edge off and calms me on a daily basis. I can truthfully say you get what you pay for and I am pleased with the benefits of Clarify Reserve.

Less Stiffness More Flexibility

I have taken the capsules for 2 Weeks now. I have less back stiffness and increased flexibility. I plan to reorder.

Clarify CBD Oil

Good stuff at a good price. No BS