Below are hemp oil reviews from some of our customers.

*Please note: Due to FDA compliance guidelines, specific medical condition names have been removed from customer reviews and replaced with the wording "[health concern]". Additionally, we have replaced any review mentioning the term "CBD" with "Hemp Oil".

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Hemp Oil Tincture 250mg


This oil has given me relief from severe day to day nausea. Thank you


Really helps to manage pain

Hemp Tincture 1000mg

This is the 2nd month using the tinctures. I started with 500mg bottle @ 12.5mg 2x/day. and had great results. Decided to increase to 1000mg tincture for a slightly higher dosage. I’ve gotten joint pain relief for longer duration and able to finally resume my yoga practice. I’m very happy with this product!

positive results!

have low back pain in morning but very little now as result of taking your product!


Fantastic product. Helps sleep for overall better health


With your well-developed line of products, I have helped my parents stop using their pain medicines.

Simply the Best

I have tried another [*hemp oil], but Functional Remedies is the best!

Hemp oil pro line change my live

Big change, better mood, appetite


This product is amazing. Gives instant relief. I use on my neck for stiffness and headaches.

Very helpful.

I’ve found this product to really help me when I need it. Feels like it helps take the edge off, make it easier for me to function, and calm myself down. Would recommend to anyone to try who suffers with [*health concern].




This is the best stuff for pain. Going to order more. Thank you functional remedies.

It helps!

I've been using Hemp Tincture 1000mg to help me get through the night with my joint and back pain. It cuts the pain enough that I can get to sleep and stay asleep. With no side effects. I will buy it again!


I am rather surprised at how well do you have 1000 MG works
I have eliminated some of my pain medication

Still experimenting

Not sure how much to take. Still experimenting.

Great service!

Friendly customer service when I inquired about products via phone and prompt delivery once I ordered. I recommend Functional Remedies.

Love this [*hemp oil]

I highly recommend this product to my patients, family, and friends. The feedback has been incredible.

Excellent Product

I recommend this product highly as an aid for better health!

I am new to all this but so far I am seeing great results for my knee and shoulder pain. Thank you.

We are new to trying these products our chiropractor recommended this brand and company for my knee and shoulder pain and for my husband severe joint pain. So far so good. We will continue using hoping for great results. Thank you.

Great if you don’t like the taste of hemp

This product is great if you don’t like the taste of tinctures or if you’re on the go or traveling when it is not convenient to bring liquids or other forms of the product. They are easy to swallow and are preforming well for me

It’s a good product!

The product has made my more body feel relax
and lower my stress level. I will order more of the product.


I just started taking Clarity 500 today. It’s not unpleasant tasting and lest me feeling calm. Will post again after I’ve used it for a while