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Old Dog Hip Pain

Clarify Hemp capsules work wonders for our 15 year old dog’s hip pain! Functional Remedies high quality and fast shipping!

Great alternative

Looking to help with sleep and I really believe in the product. I was taking 20mg though and not too much of a difference so now will buy a greater dosage and try again .

Good Product for Insomnia

Less severe side effects than prescription insomnia drugs.

Will be purchasing again

Diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression, I am noticeably more calm and happier when taking 10mg daily. Will continue to purchase for sure.

Chronic pain and anxiety

I suffer from both chronic pain and anxiety but this product really helps me. It leaves me more focused and almost pain free. Thank you!

My little drops of hope

This hemp tincture has relieved joint pain and helped me relax for a good night's sleep, but the best praise it deserves is that it has given me hope to face each day.

Finally !!!

this salve is a life saver to me. I have lower back and right knee pain. I put the salve on in the morning and I'm good to go all day. NO ibuprofen , aspirin, or
tylenol needed . How great is that !!!

Clarify capsules

They are definitely helping my arthritis

Clarify 1000 mg tincture

Consistent in relief of pain

Ben my family pet dog

Ben was diagnosed with cancer in his liver. Doctor recommended clarify to increase his appetite. Ben passed away March 1st.

Best sleep ever!

Clarify helped me sleep so sound! Would recommend it if you have trouble falling asleep or sleeping through the night. I felt refreshed and ready for the day! Customer service is on point!

this is good stuff.

After more than one TBI I often experience lack of mental clarity and overwhelm in people situations and when learning new skills. I'm feeling more resilience and faster recovery when I get confused.


250 mg. Clarity is better than other CBD oil that I have used. Looking forward to the 500mg Clarity that I just received. My temper is a bit more under control.

The best CBD and customer service out there!!

I've been researching CBD for a while now and Clarify is by far the best product on the market. I have been over six months without pharmaceutical drugs, after an acute spinal cord injury, solely because of Clarify. The customer service at Functional Remedies is totally on point too!! They are some of the nicest, most helpful people I have ever had the pleasure to deal with.



Good service

I used the clarify hemp tincture to control pain in my little dog who has pancreatitis. The product has done an excellent job & was recommended by my vet instead of having to use steroids which have negative side effects. The product has worked great & the shipping/service was good.


Clarify Reserve Hemp Tincture 500mg


Very good stuff.


Excellent product


Ever since taking liquid my back condition is helped a llot. I would recommend this for anyone for back pain or sciatic pain.


Loved them but expensive. Switched to the oil

Cutting back opioid cunsumption

Since I started using Clarify Reserve Hemp Capsules 25mg from Functional Remedies. I half cut my Opioid usage by 2/3.
Thank You Functional Remedies.

Effects on ocular disease

I am a 77-year-old otherwise very healthy white male with the wet form of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) in one eye. It's beginning to develop in the other eye. After exhausting all other avenues of treatment, I tried Functional Remedies' CBD starting with a minimal daily dose of 10 mg. After 15 days, my vision has improved marginally, i.e., the central blind spot is a bit smaller and I am beginning to see highly contrasting lines of print through the spot, if only barely. To me this is significant, as all other therapies simply resulted in the disease progressing slowly. I plan to increase the daily dose to 15 mg per day to see if this marginally higher amount might accelerate the beneficial effects. In addition to the slightly positive outcome on my AMD, I was delighted that my "senior" stiffness, especially after arising, has virtually vanished. Once painful joints are fluid and pain-free once more, and a greater range of motion has returned to all parts of my body


I have been told by a certified pharmacist that the CBD oil will take about 7 days for you to notice a change in your system. I have started my dosage in my second day. I work for a medical cannabis company and to see all these healthy products on the shelves gets addicting to try and test. I have also taken other products for my diabetes and it shows a difference in my levels. I will continue to test to hopefully receive positive results.

Thumbs up

These drops were highly recommended to me becaus of their quality and so far, so good! Have only been using around 3 weeks, but have noticed a difference. Don't wake up with back pain anymore and my sleep quality has increased. The taste of the drops is the only thing that puts me off a bit, but small price to pay! Will continue with them

Clarify 500 mg

Very helpful with joint inflammation and anxiety. Flavor is just right.


Clarify Reserve Hemp Oil Tincture 250mg

Tincture and salve

This was the first time I tried a CBD oil. Unfortunately it didn’t sit well with me. It made me very tired and put me in a bad mood. I don’t attribute this to your product. I have heard of this happening to others. However , the salve is fantastic! It works much better to heal than an antibiotic ointment. I will definitely reorder the salve but CBD oil isn’t for me. I will always support companies that provide high quality products like yours. I have mentioned your company to friends for them to explore the use of CBD oil.


Working well! Thank you!

Quality Product, Fast Delivery, Great Customer Service

Tincture is very good quality, delivery was expedient, and when I had an issue with the carrier customer service was helpful and friendly. Will purchase again!

Very good quality tincture

I love the new potency of 1000 mg Clarify. It is an excellent product. Happy to support Made in Colorado, too!


Love this stuff for arthritis inflammation. Works like a charm. Will being ordering again soon. Just had major back surgery and need the relief. Thanks for a fine product.

Need to much

Love the product but am finding that I need to use more to feel the now it’s unaffordable for me..sad

Hemp tinture

Have used product and didn't notice any significant changes BUT had no real problem that I was trying to overcome. I am not a good test subject for the function of that product .

Great stuff

This is really top notch. I've grown hemp I the past, and I really appreciate the natively grown product. You cannot beat this stuff

Chronic Pain Relieved

I have lived with chronic pain for a very long time. Clarify has helped to relieve my pain and made it so I no longer have to take pain meds. They have amazing customer service too! I highly recommend Functional Remedies


This stuff really helps!

Clarify Reserve Hemp 500mg

My husband and I are taking this daily and we are noticing a difference in our energy.


Clarify Reserve Hemp Capsules 25mg

I approached the use of CBD after some thought, research and testing personallly

In short, I am a regular user now. I chose Functional Remedies over the others for one very crucial reason. They are vertical. What's that, it means that they grow, cultivate and process the natural product all the way to the package to you. That is important. It sold me and I'm happy.

Quality is Apparent

Upon opening the container revealing the liquid capsules, one’s olfactory senses are hit with the smell of natural freshness that can be associated with morning dew on a bright, grassy meadow. Combined with other evening supplements I take such as magnesium, I have found adding Functional Remedies’ product noticeably aids in slowing down my often wandering mind allowing me to get better rest. It is a bit expensive, but a psychiatrist/nutritionist recommended their product and I prefer to pay a little more than messing with a lower-grade supplement that could compromise my emotional health. I do wish they offer a vape oil for quicker bioavailable absorption down the road.


I used this product for my 13 year old lab to help with arthritis pain and stiffness. I think it was helpful and would continue treatment.

Works ok for pug with arthritis

I use this for my pug with arthritis and it’s works ok. I’m not sure if it makes her feel better but even the mere chance that it might makes it worth it for me.


Clarify Reserve Hemp Tincture 500mg

Great CBD!

I ordered this at the end of December and it lasted until just recently, a good 3 months with fairly consistent use. I have occasional back and knee pain with a lot of stiffness and this oil helps with one dose, which kicks in about 15 minutes. I felt relaxed and still alert and totally pain free. When I had severe pain or could not sleep, two doses (two full droppers) helped 100%. There is no "hangover" like you would get with traditional medicine, like muscle relaxants have given me in the past, and one dose can help for days with inflammation. This is truly my favorite method of pain control.


Clarify Reserve Hemp Oil Tincture 250mg


This product gives me muscle pain relief in a couple areas

Worked well. Thank you.

My 15 year old was born with a rare disease. She has grown medicine resistant in last few years.. she only had a few nights of seizures.. soft, fast ones.. as opposed to almost 70, daily.. thank you.

Her sister (13) has been recommended for antidepressants.. my ptsd treatment causes me to be extremely weary.. so we are on our 3rd week of CBD capsule for research.. will update you to my findings. Again, thank you.

Great Product !

I have used one and a half bottles of the 25 mg Clarify Reserve Hemp Capsules over the past month and a half. I have noticed a great difference in how my body feels ..fewer aches and pains and my irritated bowels are no longer symptomatic...I feel ten years younger !


Hi! I've been dealing with my chronic illness plus returning flu. So haven't been up to snuff. Unfortunately, I did not receive my order. Was certainly hoping to use it for my chronic illness..... M

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