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*Please note: Due to FDA compliance guidelines, specific medical condition names have been removed from customer reviews and replaced with the wording "[health concern]".

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Love the capsules!

Love these capsules! I take them at night and have a full night's sleep! Functional Remedies CBD oil has really helped reduce pain and inflammation. I'm finally able to get restful sleep and have more productive days!

Clarify Hemp Capsules 10 mg

Product is well packaged and delivered timely. Have not been taking long enough to comment on results.

Great Service.

This is the first time I’ve used this product and so far so good. The service was spectacular.

Blessed Life

I have been taking the Clarify Hemp Tincture 1000mg for muscle aches and stress. Since taking I have noticed a big difference in muscle tightness due to stress. I plan to continue taking as it really helps me!

Good stuff

It helps me with sleep and pain.


I’m very happy with your product and have already reordered

A big help

After about 3 weeks of regular use, I upped my running from 20 miles/week to 30. No extra fact less muscle and joint pain overall. Probably not for everyone, but it seems to work for me.

a little goes a long way

just a few drops a day has almost eliminated my daily use of Aleve. also, I feel calmer; just ask my wife! will definitely continue use.

Remedies Clarifying Reserve Hemp

The product is working well. However, I wish you had expedited shipping available. Waiting 12 days for the product when our pet really needed the relief was too long!

Would recommend

Mellow and nice

Tincture and capsules

I’ve been using the tincture and capsules to sleep- they keep me asleep and I wake up feeling rested. I’ve tried everything, hands down- the best!

Works for foot nerve pain

This is pretty amazing stuff! It came a little melted and is hard to keep solid - otherwise would give 5 stars. It worked immediately to completely remove pain.

Good product

I've been using this about a month. It seems I have less pain in my back, knees, and a toe, which are all chronic areas for me. I might also be better focused focused when I play golf. Taste is not bad, easy to use.


Clarify Hemp Capsules 10mg


I buy the 10 mg capsules for my husband. He is in good health but after read about all the benefits of CBD I think it is a good supplement for everyone to take each day. I have some health concerns so I take the 25mg caps and use the tincture.
Great quality products.


... and absorbs fast. I have tried other tinctures that have a chemical taste that lingers in your mouth. The FR 1000mg tincture has a clean natural flavor. Works fast! Love it.

Amazing Oil!

I hurt my back really bad and came across this hemp oil. I purchased the 250mg from a local holistic boutique where I live and I have to say, with in a few days I was feeling relief from the [*health concern] and muscle spasms in my back! I started out taking a dropper in the AM, Lunch and PM. Now, 1 week later my back feels 90% better! I truly believe in this oil and I plan to purchase some for my mom whom is going for a hip replacement in a few weeks! I also suffer from severe [*health concern], stress and [*health concern] and I have noticed since taking this, I am much more mellow and feel A LOT less stressed and have lower [*health concern]! I'm now down to One dropper in the AM and one dropper in the PM. I do feel I have a harder time getting up in the morning but it has helped me with my sleeping as well! I'm going to reduce my dosage to two droppers in the AM and see if that makes a difference in the AM grogginess I feel from taking it at night. If you suffer from any kind of medical health aliments, I would give this a try! It has worked for me so much! Thank you for making a wonderful product!

New to CBD oil

Love this stuff! I had shoulder pain all day for months and months and now it’s about 95% gone! Also get really good sleep at night! Thx


I love this salve. It took two days to see results but I’ve now been using it on my knees for a month. This week I forgot to apply it after my shower one day and still I was without pain during the day.


Clarify Hemp Tincture 500mg

Infused Oil Capsules

Prefer capsules - finding the hemp works very well for the mild [*health concern] in my fingers and for sleeping at night.
Plan on continued use - have recommended to many family members and friends


Love the cbd oil, swear by it and I needed to up the dosage from 250mg to 500mg and it was a wonderful decision! Have my 16 year old kitty on it as well and we are both happy campers :)

Helping out a Caretaker

My husband has had problems with HD. This CB oil has helped relieved some of the mental issues that have developed ove time associated with the disease. He will continue taking the oil.


Great product with great results!