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All hemp is not equal. Low grade industrial hemp from Europe, China, and Canada has mostly low in phyto-compounds and is often full of impurities including toxic heavy metals. Our superior, all-natural, sustainably grown hemp is bred for high purity and nutritional value, yielding the broadest spectrum of supporting phyto-compounds, flavonoids, and terpenes, providing whole plant extraction with highest bio-availability.

Functional Remedies is constantly striving to further improve the genetics of our already superior hemp strains. We are presently developing a new revolutionary hemp strain with even higher concentrations of beneficial plant compounds.

Independently tested and verified

We use multiple accredited, third-party labs to identify, record and analyze the phyto-nutrient compounds in our proprietary hemp strains. We cross-breed specific strains using genetic sequencing in our R&D facility which are cultivated in our greenhouses and outdoor farms without pesticides of any kind. Our hemp flower is then independently tested to be certain it contains highest possible phyto-compound concentrations and the broadest spectrum of phyto-nutrients, essential terpenes, and is free of heavy metals and any impurities.

Functional Remedies - Independently tested and verified

Functional Remedies Full spectrum infusion process

Full spectrum infusion process

We place great emphasis on our sustainable and proprietary Full Spectrum infusion process. Our process slowly infuses the CBD and the other cannabinoids without the use of solvents or chemicals. We adhere to standard protocols for pure plant essentials at every stage of the plant-to-oil process, from cultivation to infusion and handling to production. Our steady, repeatable processes are crucial to our progress and quality and set the bar for manufacturing our infusions, raw materials and botanical trims into finished goods for our clients.

Premium growing practices

Our agronomists use a protocol of select, all-natural soil amendments (instead of petroleum fertilizers or man-made additives, we use humates, fulvic acid, bio-char and microbial elements) that are tailored in their composition and ratios to best support the needs & properties of our farm's soil and create the optimal nutrient-rich environment. Our soil amendment & fertilization protocol coupled with other sustainable farming practices allows for a cost effective, robust and consistent plant yield. Turns out, what's good for plants, soil, water & people is also great for large-scale cultivation of high-quality viable hemp in Colorado's outdoor environment.

Functional Remedies Premium growing practices

The Functional Remedies team

Dedicated to whole plant healing & creating the best CBD on the planet

Why “Functional” Remedies?

Functional IS cannabis. There is NO other plant, adaptogen, herb, or anything that serves the multiple functions cannabis serves in the human body. The term “Functional Medicine” is tied to “Integrative Medicine” which embraces all aspects of an individual to foster wellness, homeostasis, and well-being.

The endocannabinoid system is reliant upon the multiple functionalities of true whole plant cannabis therapies. From the central nervous system to the musculoskeletal system, we have more cannabinoid receptors that are multifunctional regulators in the human body than any other system.  In short, cannabis is the ultimate “Functional Remedy”, hands down.

Our Lipid Infusion Process

Infusion vs Extraction: We spent years developing our proprietary, full-spectrum hemp “infusion” process. This is entirely different from common “extraction” processes which are prevalent amongst most other CBD companies. Infusion is a process in which a gentle bond occurs between a host lipid (coconut oil) and a lipid bonder (cannabis) – a natural bond that keeps cellular preservation between the active cannabinoid beneficials and the host lipid. 

Infusion is the optimal process for whole plant bonding, whereas extraction is NOT. Extraction breaks down cells through intense pressure (using carbon dioxide), hexane, alcohol, or hydrocarbon and will never be a true full plant or entourage cannabis product. While traditional forms of extraction are fine for traditional botanicals, cannabis is NOT a traditional botanical. At Functional Remedies, our processes use no solvents or contaminants like hexane, alcohol, or hydrocarbons. Without any doubt, our Lipid Infusion process generates the highest-quality, full-spectrum, CB complex hemp oil available on the planet.

Functional Remedies whole plant medicine

Whole plant medicine at your service

Get the whole plant "entourage" effect

Functional Remedies has developed a unique, proprietary strain of  hemp after extensive genetic testing and breeding of various hemp cultivars, achieving a plant rich in high levels of cannabidiol (CBD) and a broad spectrum of cannabinoids, high terpenes, and very low THC. While most industrial hemp cultivars contain CBD at only 2-4% by weight, Functional Remedies cannabinoid levels are much higher - averaging 100% to 600% more CBD than most other hemp plants.

Infusions of our hemp plants will provide the essential whole-plant cannabinoid entourage effect.

While CBD only medicines types have served a monumental role both as medicine and as a legislative stepping stone, patients can get more by using the entire plant.

Different cannabinoids and terpenes within the cannabis plant work synergistically together to create even higher levels of therapeutic healing than is possible with the CBD cannabinoid alone.

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