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Meet Tim Gordon

Tim Gordon has over 25 years experience in the hemp space. Tim first started growing hemp plants in rural corn fields in the 1990’s. And the plants he grew in rural corn fields in the 1990’s were the origin of what you now see today as Functional Remedies hemp products.

Since then, Tim became a medical marijuana patient and one of the best cultivators in the industry. He was the founder of one of the first dispensaries in the country. And he helped launch Front Range NORML, a group focused on activism and legalization. As far back as 2013, he was a researcher in the "entourage effect," well before it was known of.

Today, Tim is the Chief Science Officer of Functional Remedies, and we are producing hands-down the best full-spectrum hemp-infusion hemp oil found anywhere on the planet.

Functional Remedies founder Tim Gordon

Tim's story

First off, hemp is life. And, this may sound crazy, but my relationship with this plant began the exact same way as yours. How? Think of this: you and I were born with a regulatory system that highly depends on one thing - a unique, singular relationship between “phyto and endo”, “plant and man”. Here is my story…

I first started growing in rural corn fields in the 1990’s. I remember sitting around a fire at one of my mentor’s homes in the remote farm country and hearing an older lady talking about the plants we grew. She would say, "It’s the only thing that helps him". She was referring to her husband who depended on hemp for health reasons.

This topic of “hemp improves people’s lives” became a familiar conversation, and my quest for further understanding drove my now life-long passion for the plant.

In short, the plants I grew in rural corn fields in the 1990’s were the origin of what you now see today as Functional Remedies hemp products. And what a journey it’s been.

Functional Remedies Tim Gordon

In the early 2000s I became a Colorado medical hemp patient and furthered my skills as an indoor cultivator. I was producing some of the best medical hemp in the country, and more and more patients began requesting that I be their caregiver and grow medicine for them. Folks suffering from a variety of ailments and illnesses were relying on me and the plants I was producing to better their lives.

My hemp plants were getting better and better, and people’s lives were too. This strengthen my passion to keep improving my plants to find ever-improving strains of hemp that were more and more effective.

In 2005, I was growing professionally for a large collective providing unique strains for efficacy. I began doing talks and gatherings about  the benefits of hemp therapies. 

In 2006, I helped launch Front Range NORML, a group focused on activism and legalization. My role in the industry was deepening, and I was becoming an industry professional. I was even asked to be an industry representative on both local and state levels.

In early 2008, I started one of the first dispensaries in Colorado. I met people from all over the state who relied on the products I was making. More and more people confirmed that the unique plants I was developing were more effective than anything else available.

I continued to work with local and state officials on regulatory processes for growing and distribution and a variety of other legal and regulatory framework. I was also deep into the research, and I dove into the studies of my mentor Dr Raphael Mechoulam, who is considered the father of this body of research and credited with discovering the endocannabinoid system.

In 2010, I sold my dispensary and began working on breeding projects and ways to optimize the hemp biosphere.

My studies led to understanding, and my understanding led to action. I was helping people by enhancing their endocannabinoid system - a complete system essential to our well-being that simultaneously relies on the hemp plant’s complete system and its own well-being.  This unique bond between man and hemp became ever more prevalent.  

In 2013, I was researching the "Entourage Effect" of hemp therapies, well before it was cool or even known of.

In 2015, Functional Remedies asked me to help build some propagation facilities. Quickly, I moved beyond their propagation and began advising on topics encompassing the full range of my nearly 25 years of experience. I am now the CSO of Functional Remedies, and we are producing hands-down the best full-spectrum hemp-infused oil found anywhere on the planet.

Thank you for getting to know us a bit.

Tim Gordon

Chief Science Officer, Functional Remedies

Functional Remedies Farm, Pueblo CO

Welcome to the Farm.

Located in Pueblo, Colorado.

Functional Remedies Farm Boulder, Colorado (image of Caitlin Jimenez spraying plants)

From Farm to Product

The Farm is a slice of perfection. It’s hard to imagine a more ideal corner of the world to create a farm that’s dedicated to growing the best wellness hemp on the planet.

Nestled between mountains and bordered by two mountain-fed tributaries, it’s a unique ecosystem that’s ideal for growing happy hemp. Plus, Colorado offers premium conditions and over 300 days of sunshine a year.

There is something powerful about working with nature. While the lab and critical genetics work are the lifeblood of our product, this is where the magic happens.

Functional Remedies hemp farm

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