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Functional Remedies Strives to Deliver the Best Hemp Oil Available

Our team has worked to create the most potent and effective raw full-spectrum hemp oil formula in the world. From seed to store, we are constantly testing for the highest quality in every step of creating our product line for you. Thanks to the guidance of our Chief Science Office, Tim Gordon, we are able to utilize nearly 30 years of experience in health-focused hemp plant infusions. It is this history and expertise that has led our customers to develop trust in our full-spectrum hemp oi tinctures, capsules and salves. See our collection here!

Our customer service crew is also always available to answer questions you may have about our hemp oil. Please do not hesitate to contact us so we can ensure you have the very best product for your health needs.

Demand the Whole Plant for Your Health

The pure, full-spectrum oil used in our production process starts with unsurpassed genetics that are 11 years in the making. Our seeds are a hemp plant strain that offers the highest level of phyto-nutrients and beneficial phyto-compounds available. This is vital to the efficiency of our product; there’s no making up for poor seeds later in the lab. If the plant is simply some industrial hemp from another country, you do not know the source. Our plants are grown outdoors using strict, all-natural, sustainable farming practices that are good for the land, plants and people. The Functional Remedies farm in southern Colorado uses organic growing methods, run by those who care about your health.

After the plants are harvested, the flowers, leaves and stems are delivered to our nearby laboratory, where our technicians use a proprietary, high-end lipid infusion process that uses the entire plant – not just a hemp chemical isolate. As a result, our products contain the nutrition and benefits derived from the entire hemp plant. These include:

  • Phytocompounds
  • Terpenes
  • Flavonoids
  • Phytonutrients

Learn more about our process and how we are different here.

Learn the Benefits of Pure, Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil

We are proud of the feedback we have from customers, who tell us our hemp oil is more effective than other companies, which may use industrial hemp from China or use harsh solvents in the production of the extracts. Hemp oil is used to address many conditions, and more studies and understanding is underway in the scientific community to share the comprehensive health benefits of this new product.

Overall, we have found that full-spectrum hemp oils can help to support:

  • Emotional and mental homeostasis
  • Physical comfort needed as a result of pain or inflammation
  • Stress relief
  • Healthy rest

To learn more about the benefits of hemp oil, check out our blog.

Raw Hemp Oil Provides Many Benefits

Some hemp oil is produced with heat and chemicals. Some companies use an extraction method that uses pressure to turn the gentle hemp flower into an oil. Functional Remedies, however, has a unique lipid infusion process that maintains the cellular membranes and enhances the nutritional benefit of the oils. Raw hemp oil is often a more economical option because it uses the entire plant instead of just an isolate. As a result, a broad range of health-supporting plant compounds are maintained. With other companies, we’ve heard of people finding raw hemp oil tinctures to taste a little bitter; we do not find that to be the case with our tincture, but if you are sensitive you may prefer the capsules. Learn more about our production process here.

Ideal Supplements for Humans and Their Furry Friends

Humans aren’t the only ones who can benefit from full-spectrum hemp oil! Veterinarians are stocking Functional Remedies and recommending them to pet-lovers because this natural therapy can help save thousands of dollars in the long run. Dogs that suffer from separation anxiety, extreme nervous energy from thunderstorms or trauma from previous abuse need support beyond your unwavering love! This homeopathic supplement offers a no-stress application through tincture drops administered to the soft parts of a paw or on the back of the neck. Purchase a hemp tincture for your dog or cat here.

No Prescription Needed, No Legal Worries

With all the talk of the legislation changes with hemp, it can be difficult to understand what it all means for you. Our product is legal in all 50 states, and no prescription is needed.

Hemp oil is different from medical marijuana for many reasons. For one, by definition, hemp does not get you “high.” Studies have shown there are no behavioral changes associated with use of hemp oil. Just as hemp rope, clothing, lotion and other products are completely legal, so is hemp oil. You are able to receive deliveries regularly without any concern. Questions? Ask our customer service team.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Functional Remedies stands behind our products. Our team of botanists, scientists, herbalists and visionaries know that you’ll appreciate the potency and impact from regular use of our hemp oils, and we are excited to hear from you about your results. We tested our products, and they have a shelf-life of TWO YEARS before any degrade of quality occurs. This means you’ll be able to use this supplement when you need to and store it for future use without wasting money on rancid oils.

Natural, Holistic Herbal Supplements for Your Health

Unlike prescription pills that some doctors push, full-spectrum hemp oil tinctures, capsules and salves are completely natural. This alternative to chemical pharmaceuticals is an ideal supplement to support a comprehensive commitment to optimized health in a natural, holistic way. Raw hemp oil is especially effective as it is produced without chemicals or heat to preserve the beneficial structure of the entire plant for maximized benefits for you.

Plus, hemp is an environmentally sustainable plant that grows outdoors. If you care about the Earth and your body, we encourage you to look for natural remedies for ailments or concerns you have about your health.

We Offer the Best Hemp Oil for Your Needs

Don’t take our word for it. Thousands of customers have found relief using our hemp oil products!

“I don’t sleep well – I’m up several times during the night. Since I started taking the 500mg Functional Remedies tincture before bedtime, it’s helped me sleep through the night and for the first time in years, I feel well-rested in the morning. Thank you!” — Kathy K. | Boulder, CO

“This is perfect for Baby Boomers. I have worked hard & played hard and anything that helps me stay active, keeps me in the game.” — Larry L. | Jackson, TN

“Best hemp oil products I have ever tried or used. I have been diagnosed with a rare skin disorder. I used the new hemp salve and have had amazing results. My pain and itching have gone from a 9 or 10 most days, to a 1 or zero since use!” — Mark L. | Houston, TX

Want to hear what other customers have said about our products? Check out the reviews here!

Many Delivery Options for Your Health

What product is best for you? Our product line offers hemp oils online in tincture, capsules and salves. There are also different serving sizes, which can help you fine-tune the exact amount that’s right for you and your concerns. As with all herbal dietary supplements, it can take some personal experimentation to determine what amount is best for you. We recommend starting in small amounts at the end of the day and documenting the results for a week before increasing the amount, if necessary. It is surprising how far a small amount can go in terms of improving your overall health.

We currently offer our hemp capsules in 10 mg, 25 mg and 50 mg serving sizes. Our tinctures are in 250 mg, 500 mg and 1,000 mg strengths, and our salve is a half-ounce stick to apply as needed. To browse our collection, click here.

We Are Constantly Improving for You!

As part of our business plan, the team at Functional Remedies is constantly working to improve our production and facilities to provide the very best full-spectrum hemp oil for your health needs. We are currently developing a revolutionary strain of hemp that contains an even higher flavanoid, phyto-nutrient, and terpene content. Unlike industrial hemp products from Europe, China and Canada, our products do not contain toxic heavy metals and are grown for the highest bio-availability. This means our products are becoming more and more pure, effective and potent to help with whatever concerns you are having in your path toward optimum health. We care about what we do, and it shows. We strive to answer questions and help you feel better today. Contact our customer service team at any time!