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Curious about hemp oil tinctures?  Hemp oil tinctures are made using hemp infused in a liquid solution, letting you easily enjoy the health benefits of hemp oil without many of the conventional inconveniences.

From assisting with sleep to reducing physical discomfort, hemp oil tinctures have a variety of benefits. Below, we’ve gone into more detail about the benefits of hemp oil, as well as the best ways to use hemp tinctures to improve your health, wellbeing and quality of life.

What exactly are Hemp oil tinctures?

Over the last few years, medical cannabis products have become available in many states, with new laws legalizing the use of certain medicinal cannabis-based compounds for a wide range of conditions.

Hemp tinctures are one of the most popular cannabis-based therapeutic products on the market right now. Tinctures are a liquid form of hemp that you can consume without the smoking, vaping or other methods commonly used to inhale cannabis.

Functional Remedies creates hemp tinctures by mixing whole plant hemp with organic MCT oil to produce a solution of gentle infusion which preserves the integrity of the hemp and extracts over 100 phyto-compounds. The mixture is heated, allowing the phytonutrients to infuse into the liquid along with terpenes, flavanoids and other beneficial compounds together which fosters the full entourage effect of the cannabis plant.

Because hemp tinctures come in liquid form, they’re extremely easy to consume. Tinctures are usually intended for consumption sublingually, meaning via the tissue on the underside of the tongue. This method usually gives the fastest results from the cannabinoid molecules.

Users also mix hemp tinctures into food, into their morning or midday cup of coffee, or even into tea.  Hemp doesn’t have a particularly strong taste, making it easy to mix into a range of dishes and drinks for easy consumption.

What are the benefits of Hemp oil?

Hemp tinctures offer a range of benefits, ranging from treating anxiety to helping to reduce the risk of psychotic conditions. We’ve listed some of the main benefits of hemp tinctures below to give you a more complete understanding of how they can help your health and wellbeing:


  • Hemp tinctures reduce stomach discomfort. Many people experience stomach discomfort as a result of medical treatments, foods they eat, emotional challenges (like stress, tension, and/or fear), and other causes.  Several studies indicate that hemp tinctures play an important role in reducing abdominal unrest and improving quality of life.
  • Hemp tinctures reduce stress and tension. The cannabinoid molecules in hemp tinctures can be a powerful natural remedy assisting with reduction of the heightened emotional associated with stress, frustration, fear, and tension.
  • Hemp tinctures help reduce physical discomfort. Millions of people around the world struggle with daily physical discomfort caused by myriad origins. Hemp has been known to help people feel better in their bodies and function better each day.
  • Hemp tinctures help improve sleep. Many people struggle with occasional challenges having peaceful and thorough sleep and rest.  Hemp oil has been known to help people sleep more deeply, for longer duration, and more peacefully.


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