Pure hemp oil is an increasingly popular natural product. As more and more people experiment with hemp oil, the more people are finding all sorts of different reasons and ways to use hemp oil products. At Functional Remedies, we endorse the increasingly diverse usage of hemp oil, and encourage it with multiple kinds of pure hemp oil products, because we believe the myriad benefits of using hemp oil cannot be understated. No matter what it’s being used for, our hemp oil products made from our patented plants are guaranteed to be high quality. And that quality will carry over into whatever way our products are being used.

In this blog post, we’re going to discuss a specific reason for using pure hemp oil products: skin care. Pure hemp oil (not to be confused with hemp seed oil, which can also be used for skin care) is something that many people explore when seeking natural ways to look after their skin.

Before we get into the reasons why people are trying out hemp oil for skin, it’s important to address the THC content of hemp oil. THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol, is a cannabinoid—a naturally occurring chemical compound that reacts with our cannabinoid receptors. THC is what causes the high marijuana products are known for. You’ve doubtlessly heard about hemp oil products being compared to marijuana products. This is because they come from the same plant,  Cannabis sativa. However, one advantage hemp oil has is that unlike marijuana products, hemp oil cannot get you high. This is because the THC content is less than 0.3% in hemp oil products—a miniscule amount, that makes it so hemp oil has no psychotropic effects.

But THC isn’t the only cannabinoid. Different cannabinoids have different effects, and these other cannabinoids are in fact the reason why people are using hemp oil for skin-related purposes. Some of these cannabinoids, as well as other compounds present in pure hemp oil, are believed to work similarly to antioxidants, meaning they are thought to move molecules through the membranes of cells, and possess anti-inflammatory properties. Antioxidants are chemicals that are known to be beneficial to skin health and skin texture, and are found in numerous skin care products.

People are also trying out hemp oil products for acne problems, because it is believed that some cannabinoids can decrease the production of oil in one’s skin. Acne is often caused by an excess production of oil in the skin, and can sometimes be a difficult problem to deal with and contain.

Stress can also influence problems with acne, because when a person is stressed out, the production of stress-related hormones are increased. These hormones can in turn trigger the production of oil, leading to excess oil that can affect one’s pores, causing acne or making existing acne worse. This is another reason why hemp oil is such a versatile and useful product! You see, many people are also exploring hemp oil products for stress relief. The multiple, and sometimes correlating, reasons to try out hemp oil products means more ease and value for you.

In addition to personal skin care usage, pure hemp oil is also being used professionally by massage therapists. With massage, professional body-workers are finding positive results using hemp oil for skin as well as muscle, joint, tendon, lymph, and tension-related issues. Salves in particular are useful for such endeavors, as they can be directly applied to areas of the skin that might benefit from its usage.

Of course, capsules and tinctures are also available from Functional Remedies (in multiple dosage options), so you’re not limited to using our products one way, just as you’re not limited to trying out pure hemp oil for any one reason.

For people looking for safe, natural products to promote healthy skin, it’s not any wonder why pure hemp oil is on the rise. And with Functional Remedies’ products, we know exactly what goes into our hemp oil so that you can too. Our plants are grown in our own sustainable farms—not outsourced anywhere else–grown with organic agricultural practices. The whole plant is used in producing the hemp oil, and we refuse to use concentrates. This means you get great value out of Functional Remedies’ products, because we utilize the full spectrum of compounds available to get the most out of the hemp plants. And quality testing occurs at multiple stages in the production process, to ensure that Functional Remedies really is crafting the best pure hemp oil possible.

If you want to try our hemp oil for skin, you can find our hemp oil salve here.  And we encourage you to test our tinctures and capsules as well.

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