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We are on a journey to educate and empower consumers into bringing lives into balance on a global scale with the most efficacious Hemp-based products on Earth. So, spread the word, educate, and empower consumers and make some cash as well.

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It is very simple. All you need to do is enroll into our affiliate program, agree to our terms and we will give you everything you need to get started as a Functional Remdies Affiliate. The creative assets and support you need to be successful will be at your finger tips. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll Today

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As an affiliate you will earn anywhere from 6% + commission on transactions originating from online banners and links from your website, email, blog and/or social media. The more traffic you generated to our site the more you will make. There is no cost to you. It is totally FREE to enroll and get started. 

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The Functional Remedies Affiliate program is managed by an experienced team of affiliate marketing members.  You can contact our account manager Ryun with any questions about our program at affiliate@functionalremedies.com. Our program operates through Commission Junction, a platform that allows our affiliate partners to feel secure in knowing that all affiliate commissions will be properly tracked and paid. You can sign up for Functional Remedies’ affiliate program by clicking here.

Our Story – Tim Gordon’s Journey

Tim is a second-generation cannabis farmer. As a young man he eagerly watched and learned all he could about growing cannabis and acquired a profound respect for the plant and its many uses.Then, in his teenage years, he began to learn about something new – the healing power of the plant. This knowledge would forever change his, and countless other lives.In his words, “When I was young, I began taking cannabis seriously. I was following in the footsteps of vigilante healers — while most cannabis growers grew for profit, I was growing for power. The power was healing and changing lives. I can remember one particular woman’s voice. I remember her eyes welling with tears as she told me how the cannabis I was growing was keeping her husband alive. I listened and cried with her and promised her that I would not stop.”

Keeping that promise didn’t come without its challenges, however. Tim’s newfound commitment often led to conflict.“I had made a conscious decision to put myself at risk to heal others. I remember running through cornfields in the earliest morning hours to my plants. The morning dew would give me goosebumps as I shivered, waiting for the sun to rise. I’ve run from the police. I’ve been ridiculed by authorities. I’ve been told I was evil. People have hurt me over this plant.”Through it all, Tim remained true to his promise, his plants, and his purpose. As time has passed, that never-changing commitment has profoundly changed the way others see him. The once fugitive has become a celebrated leader and pioneer in the hemp industry, pivotal in the passage of key state and national legislation expanding access to hemp, including 2018’s Farm Bill. The once object of authorities’ ridicule has become one of the world’s most recognized and respected hemp authorities, and a sought-after speaker around the globe.

A man once labelled evil is now universally hailed as a hero, a champion of every living being’s right to a better life and access to what they need to achieve it.“I would do it all again. My passion will never subside, and will only grow stronger as I continue this miraculous journey, “Ajourney that brought him to Functional Remedies. He no longer has to run through fields or from police; instead, he runs agricultural operations for one of the world’s leading hemp-based product companies. But his passion, his commitment, and his “all-in” approach to everything he does are just as strong as they were in his youth.

My focus now is creating the best plants and the best process to optimize the endocannabinoid system. I spend endless hours educating, formulating, and motivating folks on the endless possibilities we have to enrich our lives, and the lives of those around us, through cannabis.”Though he’s now 40-something, Tim has not broken the promise he made to a teary-eyed woman he met as a teenager. “I may not know you, but I’m here for you. I’m here to help anyone and everyone on the journey to complete wellness. Functional Remedies is me. It’s us. It’s who we are…healers bringing lives into balance.”

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