You’ll feel the difference in every drop.

Over 20 Years of Superior Plant Genetics


Chief Science Officer, Tim Gordon has dedicated nearly 30 years cross-breeding and improving hemp strains to produce the most nutrient-rich plants from genetically-superior seeds. And with our patented processes, the result is the highest quality hemp oil with 100% to 600% more phytocompounds — a proven fact verified by third party lab testing.


No other CBD hemp oil company can match our decades of tireless research and development. And no other hemp oil company has access to our genetically-superior plants.


Proprietary Lipid Infusion Process

We spent years developing our gentle, proprietary lipid infusion process that preserves natural cellular bonds and yields phytonutrient-rich, full-spectrum CBD hemp oil that’s incredibly efficacious. Our LipidTrans™ process is completely unique from harsh “extraction” processes used by most hemp oil companies. Extraction uses high pressure and/or chemical solvents to fracture cells which greatly diminishes phytonutrient content.


And while traditional forms of extraction are fine for traditional botanicals, cannabis is not a traditional botanical. Beyond a doubt, our LipidTrans™ process generates the highest-quality, full-spectrum, hemp oil available on the planet without the use of extraction contaminants of any kind.


Whole Plant Entourage Effect

By utilizing the whole plant in our patented process, we produce full-spectrum hemp oil that is far superior to single-molecule, “isolate” hemp oils found on the shelves. Only full-spectrum hemp oil can deliver the “entourage effect” which refers to the combined effect of the cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and other beneficial compounds in the plant working together in synergy. As a result, Functional Remedies full-spectrum hemp oils foster enhanced therapeutic benefits that other hemp oils lack.


Vertically Integrated for Seed-to-Bottle Control

Our vertical integration model ensures 100% control of the entire process from seed to bottle to produce the highest quality, single-origin CBD hemp oil. We cultivate by hand on our own farm using sustainable methods, and process in our own labs. We never compromise our industry-leading standards, and our products are never made from concentrate.