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The Process Behind the Production of Hemp Tinctures

Functional Remedies oversees the manufacturing of its CBD tinctures for sale from the seed to the store, so the process begins with our patented seeds cultivated with a superior gene that produces the highest levels of CBD cannabinoids possible with less than 0.3 percent THC. Those seeds grow into hardy plants on our organic farm in Colorado, which is three hours from our laboratory. During harvest time, we transport the hemp flowers, leaves and some stem material in 55-gallon buckets to the lab.

There, our technicians mix the whole plant compounds – rather than chemically extract the CBD isolate like other companies do – with MCT oil, which also has nutritional benefits of its own. MCT, by the way, stands for Medium-Chain Triglyceride, and that is fatty acids that have a shorter chain of carbon, allowing it to stay liquid.

It's much like making tea, soaking the plant material and infusing the oil with all the naturally broad spectrum of cannabinoids and terpene that have been so helpful to customers interested in maintaining or improving their health holistically. This gentle lipid infusion process sets Functional Remedies apart from other companies and resellers of CBD oil tincture. We are able to preserve the membrane molecules of the plant, encouraging what is known as the "entourage effect" – another example of Aristotle's idea that "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts." As a result, our tinctures are highly effective. You can learn more about what makes us different here.

How Does It Work? A Look Behind CBD Tinctures

Customers who already take vitamins and herbal supplements as tinctures may at first find an oil-based – rather than alcohol-based – tincture has a different mouth taste. But cannabis extracts well into lipids (the fats in oils), and unlike alcohol, oils will not burn your throat.

It has a natural, earthy taste. To use it, simply depress the dropper smoothly, once, and dispense it into your mouth. It's important not to have the dropper touch your tongue or lips, as that will only attract bacteria, fungus or other unwanted spores into your bottle. In fact, it is best to empty the dropper on to a spoon to take.

Once the pure CBD tincture is in your mouth, hold it there. You can have the oil fill your mouth, your gums and inner cheeks, much like the beneficial practice of oil pulling. This will help with the process of absorption. However, the product needs to be digested rather than taken sublingually.

Different Strength in Different CBD Tinctures for Sale

Functional Remedies offers three strengths of hemp oil tincture. First, there are the 250 mg and 500 mg tinctures. It's the same formula, produced as above, except simply that one bottle has twice as much CBD as the other. The 250 mg Clarify Reserve Hemp Oil Tincture has 6 mg per serving, while the 500 mg Clarify Reserve Hemp Tincture has 12 mg per serving. There are plans in the near future to offer a Clarify Reserve Hemp Oil Tincture for sale at the 1,000 mg strength.

You'll notice the 1,000 mg Clarify Hemp Tincture comes in a blue bottle that is different from the brown translucent Clarify Reserve Hemp Tinctures. This is because it is created slightly differently. Instead of using the lipid infusion with MCT oils, technicians used a gentle carbon dioxide pressure to infuse the natural hemp plants into hempseed oil. For those who wish to have the added benefits of hempseed oil or compare the different methods, this is a good opportunity.

Are Tinctures Better than Capsules or Salve?

The short answer: It simply depends on you. There are so many different reasons our customers appreciate the benefits of our CBD oil (read some of the reviews here), and so many different kinds of customers. What is important to you?

If you seek faster relief when taking the supplement, then a tincture is better than capsules. Capsules require the body to break down the outer shell before it can benefit from the CBD cannabinoid in the oil. Perhaps a delayed absorption is better, if perhaps you tend to wake up at night or have physical discomfort that lingers throughout the day. Again, it's really up to you.

If you have a reason that you would not want a solid salve applied directly to the skin but would still like to have the benefits of CBD on your skin, you could certain use the tincture for that purpose. However, the salve is topical use only, while of course the CBD tincture for sale is primarily designed for internal digestion.

If you do not like or have trouble taking pills, again, the tincture is better for you. Sometimes it's just a lifestyle decision – if you know you could just add the capsule to your daily supplement regime for easy remembering, then consider that instead. The product itself varies on the potency, not the delivery method.

Serving Size Is Built Right into the Dropper Itself

One of our most frequently asked question to our customer service department is about dosage. What is the recommended serving size for the tinctures? While our scientists and botanists wouldn't be able to recommend how many servings you need to ingest for your desired outcome, we can talk about how to start you finding out what works for you.

Some customers who use our hemp oil tincture try micro-servings of just 3 mg and find that works for them. Others start with what we recommend, which is either one or two capsules or one depression of the dropper bulb. Our current packaging does not have graduated lines on the dropper itself (We're not a fan of the hard-to-open, "child proof" lids, but we do recommend keeping all dietary supplements far from the reach of children). This confuses some users, who want to have consistency in their servings. The key here is a gentle, smooth depression of the dropper bulb, ensuring that the end of the dropper itself is fully below the surface of the liquid.

The serving size for tinctures is 0.75 milliliters. The dropper bulb is calibrated to 0.75 milliliters for every squeeze. The dropper may look two-thirds empty, but that's your serving. Do not fill the dropper or get oil in the bulb itself. If you require more than one serving, just repeat the same squeeze technique.

What's Next: Flavor Options in Development

Our CBD oil tincture are completely natural. There are no flavorings, sweeteners, alcohol or solvents. It is just pure CBD tincture, simply the hemp infusion. It has a light but earthy taste.

However, our customers who give their children CBD tinctures told us that it would help them to have a slight flavoring. Recently, the Functional Remedies team attended the Northern Colorado Hemp Expo and received feedback on a new lemon flavoring currently under development. We are currently in the blending phase and finalizing levels of potency. The goal is to offer the 250 mg, 500 mg and 1,000 mg Clarify Reserve Hemp Tincture with a flavored option in the near future.

Pure CBD Tinctures Are Ideal for Pets with Health Concerns

It is becoming more and more mainstream, with Functional Remedies' CBD hemp oil being sold in holistic veterinary offices, for pet owners to turn to this natural dietary supplement to find relief for their pets. It is a breeze to give dogs and cats a dropper-full of hemp tincture either directly in their mouth or just with their food. There's no pill for them to spit out! Responsible pet owners may shy away from giving CBD hemp oil treatment to their dogs because they worry that the animal would get "high" or "stoned." However, the active ingredient in this multi-use product does not contain THC, which is the chemical in marijuana that has psychotropic effects. CBD for pets or humans is used for its therapeutic value, not for recreation.

Pure CBD Tincture can help support a calm demeanor, something that is needed for dogs who suffer greatly from separation anxiety, nervous energy during storms or in other ways that would cause your pet to act out.

It is also important to underscore that CBD hemp oil tinctures is completely, 100 percent legal in all 50 states. You do not need a medical marijuana card or be concerned at all about any legal issues. CBD oil comes from the hemp plant; while it is in the same family as marijuana, hemp is used for clothing, rope, non-dairy milk and so many other products.

Do You Have More Questions?

Our customer service team is here to help at any time and is willing to answer any questions you may have about our CBD Tinctures for Sale. Contact us either by chat or phone, and we can make sure that you have any concerns addressed before, during or after the sale. To contact us, simply click here.