Functional Remedies Nourishing Hemp Salve 1/2 oz

It’s simple: the most efficacious hemp oil produces the best results.

There’s only one way to obtain the benefits of a whole-plant entourage effect: Functional Remedies—the highest quality and ONLY single-origin, hand-pressed, lipid-infused, full-spectrum hemp oil brand. 

Our salve is the ideal way to incorporate whole-plant hemp oil into skincare regimens or to help speed recovery. We combine hemp-infused organic coconut oil with organic grape-seed oil, organic orange oil, organic spearmint oil, organic beeswax, vitamin E, and black pepper to create a soothing, highly effective topical.

- Contains 500mg Hemp Phytonutrients per 1/2 oz. twist tube

What makes Functional Remedies products uniquely superior?

It starts with a 20-year legacy of cross-breeding hemp strains to produce the most nutrient-rich plants possible from genetically superior seeds.

Our vertical integration model ensures 100% control of the entire process—from hand cultivation on our farm to refinement in our lab—to produce the only single-origin, full-spectrum hemp oil on the market.

Our proprietary lipid infusion process preserves natural cellular bonds to deliver a whole-plant entourage effect. Our hemp oils are never made from concentrate, and we never use harsh, CO2 extraction processes utilizing high heat, intense pressure, and chemical solvents as this greatly diminishes phytonutrient content.

Functional Remedies uses respected independent labs to verify our claims regarding ingredient specifications and nutrient levels of all our products.

Customer Reviews

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Hemp Salve

I love the way this is applied, it's easy and works

A More Natural Alternative

Recommended by family who live in Colorado, I decided to try Functional Remedies [hemp oil] for [*health concern] and other aging maladies. It took a bit of experimentation with the Hemp Oil tincture to find the right dose, but I'm currently taking it twice a day. I also use the Hemp Oil salve topically as needed. It has taken about two months to confirm the positive results I feel. Both have significantly reduced my [*physical discomfort], improved my sleep and I generally feel much better. While in CO I purchased a different brand of [hemp oil] to compare results. Functional Remedies clearly helped managed my symptoms better than the other brand. As a senior citizen on Medicare with budget concerns, I wish [hemp oil] was not so expensive, but for now it is really helping me.

Great Salve

I have [*health concern] in my neck and shoulder… works better than anything I have used before.

Excellent product

Will reorder very soon.


Customer service is great and the products are wonderful.