Clarify Hemp Oil Tincture 250mg

Body & Brain Power
The Best of Nature + Science

You deserve the best. Our Clarify line is a small batch, single origin beauty. It’s the only CB Complex™ on the market that’s crafted using a high-end, gentle lipid infusion process — yielding the highest concentrations of healthy cannabinoids, terpenes, phytonutrients and all the other amazing compounds found in hemp. It’s full-spectrum goodness on turbo-charge.

We combine our hemp infusion with MCT oil (from coconuts). It’s a great source of healthy fatty acids and clean fuel for your body and brain.

Hemp oil tinctures give you the most control when it comes to supporting your health needs: Adjust the dose with precision –add a few drops or a full dropper to your favorite smoothie or morning coffee, or simply place under your tongue. Our hemp oil tinctures also work for pets—just sprinkle a few drops on treats or food. 

Made in Colorado, Functional Remedies creates the highest quality, full-spectrum, CBD hemp lipid infusion and tinctures. We control our entire process from cultivation to refinement. All of our hemp is sustainably farmed using all-natural practices and NO pesticides or herbicides. We believe that wellness starts at the seed…and it shows in our thriving plants and the results people get with our oils.

Recommended Use

We suggest starting low and slow with one dropper. Hold the liquid under your tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing. The hemp oil tinctures we make can be added to your morning routine in the bathroom or kitchen. If you are looking for a higher dosage our 1000mg hemp oil tincture is getting amazing reviews. 

250mg of CB Complex | 1 fl. oz

Dosage Insights
Each pipette dropper equates to 6.25mg
of premium hemp infusion. There are 40 doses per bottle. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews

This stuff actually worked! I loved it. Thanks for making my life easier

Wonderful product at a wonderful price!

We have a special needs dog that has seizures, and we rely on the healing benefits of CBD oil! In my research, I found this company and I am so glad I did!! I love that you have a chat available with your customer service staff! I took advantage of that many times in answering all my questions. The price of the oils is affordable, and we received the product a couple of days early, which is fantastic! Our pup has not had any issues with this oil, and we are even using it on our other dog that has issues with her hips. I can tell that this product has helped both our pups, and we are a consumer for life! Thank you to your product, your employees and your company! Blessings from New Mexico!


Clarify Hemp Oil Tincture 250mg

Sleeping like a baby!

One dropper full at bedtime and I'm sleeping like a baby. I wake refreshed and ready for the day. Best decision I ever made.

Good Quality Product - 250mg Hemp Oil Tincture

I use this during the day when I need to stay alert for work. Still working my way up to a full dose, I'm using about half a dropper now, but I take it once in the morning and again mid day to maintain my cbd levels because it helps to alleviate the tingling and burning associated with [*health concern]. I do find I need to add "rescue" doses with a faster acting form of cbd, when the pain gets out of hand, but this might not be necessary as I work my way up to a higher dosage.