Clarify Hemp Capsules 25mg

You…But Better.
Reset. Rejuvenate. Nurture.

Our 25mg capsule is a daily dose of our small batch, single origin hemp oil. It is a truly premium product: The Clarify line is the only CB Complex™ on the market crafted using a high-end, gentle lipid infusion process with organic coconut oil. Lipid infusion yields the highest concentrations of healthy cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBN), terpenes, phytonutrients and all the other amazing compounds found in hemp. It’s full-spectrum goodness on turbo-charge.

Giving you a powerful surge of supercharged antioxidants and nutrients to take on your day — no matter what you’re up against.

Made in Colorado, Functional Remedies creates the highest quality, full-spectrum, CBD hemp lipid infusion and tinctures. We control our entire process from cultivation to refinement. All of our hemp is sustainably farmed using all-natural practices. We never use pesticides or herbicides. We believe that wellness starts at the seed…and it shows in our thriving plants and the results people get with our oils.

Recommended Use
We suggest starting low and slow with one capsule in the evening. From there, you may adjust dosage and time of day as best suit your needs.

Servings per Container
30 capsules

Daily Dose: Moderate
25 mg of CBD / capsule

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Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
25mg capsule

I started with the tincture and didn’t like the taste so I tried the capsules and love them. One after dinner seems to be a good dose for me and I have a more relaxed feeling all day and restful sleep. I was able to taper off and then stop medication I had been taking for two years. Highly recommend for those who carry a lot of stress.

Amazing product

I took this for two reasons. One was to wean off of some anxiety medication and the bonus was that is worked on my low back pain. The CBD doesn’t make me sleepy at all so I can take it during the day at work if I’m having pain or feel anxiety coming on. The CBD does not make me sleepy or make my brain stop any repetitive thoughts - I sleep better at night when I take it about an hour before bed. I’ve tried other CBD brands but this is the only one that has worked for me. I got great customer service before my purchase also.

Love the product

I've been using the 25 mg capsules for reducing inflammation and they work great.

The product is great service is great The product

The product is great the service is excellent and people know what you’re talking about I recommend you to everybody I know

Great Product

I have noticed an increase in my energy, mood, and definitely changes in my sleep. I am surprised because I have tried many brands of CBD and none have had any effect up until this point. Definitely start slow with dosing I did have some drowsiness from taking too much initially.