Can using Hemp Oil cause you to fail your employer’s drug test?

You just got the call. They’ve offered you the job and you couldn’t be happier, but there’s a catch. Turns out that employment is contingent on passing both a background check and a drug test. If you’re an active consumer of hemp oil, should you be concerned with the later half of that condition? For a lot of hemp oil consumers that can cause understandable stress, especially if they’re not aware what the tests are looking for or legal specifics in their state.

Which employers test for drugs?

Drug testing is mandatory for federal employees and, while it isn’t required for private companies to do so, many of them require a drug test as well. There are no federal guidelines for private companies regarding drug testing, but as a general rule, testing of employees is considered lawful unless there are specific state laws that address it. Some companies will even randomly or periodically drug test their workers, though the limits of those tests vary from state to state.

What will be on the test?

The most common drug test administered is an immunoassay, which analyzes a sample of urine quickly and inexpensively. If the test comes back positive, it is normal to conduct a follow up test known as a gas chromatography / mass spectrometry. While the results take longer to produce, the benefit of a GC/MS test is that it is less likely to produce false positives or to result in a “positive” from non-intoxicating cannabinoids such as hemp oil.

How concerned should I be if I use hemp oil?

A high-quality hemp oil contains a relatively small amount of THC, so it is unlikely to show up on the immunoassay test. That said, there is still a chance that the test could come back as “positive”. Users that consume between 1000-2000mg of hemp oil a day have an increased chance of a drug screen being coming back as positive. In those instances, the follow up GC/MS test, which is more specific, should show a “negative” result.

Even with a small chance of impacting a drug screen, users of hemp oil need to be aware of the amount they consume. While heavy users are the most likely to fail an initial screen, the likelihood of failing a drug screen for light to moderate use is very low.  

Learning more

If you take a moderate amount of hemp oil daily, there is a chance that you won’t have to worry about the results of most drug tests, but additional research can be helpful. Make sure to examine the laws surrounding drug testing in your particular state, which offer specifics about when and how an employer can request that you submit to a test.

The type of hemp oil you purchase can also have an impact. While most hemp oils contain only trace amounts of THC, making sure you purchase it from a reputable source that is focused on health and wellness is essential. Look for information on how and where the hemp oil is made so you can make the most educated decision.

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