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What to Look For in CBD Tinctures


Over the last few years, the market for CBD oil, CBD tinctures and other CBD products has growth at an incredible pace. In fact, experts predict that the CBD market could be worth as much as $1 billion by 2021, with record growth of as much as 55% per year.

This rapid growth means it’s easier than ever to find and order CBD products online, creating more options for consumers. However, it also means that there’s been a significant rise in the sale of CBD products that, for all intents and purposes, just aren’t worth the money.

From poor concentrations of CBD to infusion processes that produce subpar results, many of the cheaper CBD products on the market don’t live up to the standards we set for our range of CBD oils, tinctures and capsules.

If you’re searching for high quality CBD products, it’s important to know what to look for. Below, we’ve listed three key features that you should look out for when buying CBD oil, CBD tinctures and other products to make sure you only ever get the best quality and value for your money.

Organic, Locally Cultivated Hemp Seeds

One of the first things you should look for in CBD oil, CBD tincture and other CBD products is the use of hemp grown with organic and sustainable farming practices.

Hemp plants grown with this attention to detail and focus on natural processes tend to be the highest in CBD, resulting in a stronger concentration and better results for you as an end user.

Additionally, you always want to ask a CBD company about the history of their plant genetics. Not all hemp is equal. Some plants are better for fabrics or rope, and some is better for its abundance of phyto-nutrients and compounds which impact your wellness. Even within hemp that’s cultivated for its health benefits, there is a wide variety. At Functional Remedies, our master grower and President, Tim Gordon, has been optimizing our strains of hemp for nearly 30 years. Because of his innovation and decades of dedication, Functional Remedies’ hemp plants consistently produce 400% to 500% more CBD and terpenes than any other plant in the world.

It’s also best to look for products that use locally sourced hemp, as these are most likely to have a clean, simple supply chainFor our CBD tincture and CBD capsules, we use hemp grown from our own farm in Pueblo, CO. No one else has access to our plants. With the highest quality genetic strains available, we make sure you get the highest concentration of CBD, lower THC and excellent results.

A Proven Lipid Infusion Process

To produce CBD oil and CBD tincture, hemp plants need to be infused into MCT oil, allowing you to easily consume the CBD as an end user.

To save money, many CBD oil and tincture manufacturers use a cheap, simple process that can affect the therapeutic value of the CBD. The end result is oil or tincture that’s less effective than it should be, giving you suboptimal results.

For our CBD oil, CBD tincture and other CBD products, we use the entire hemp plant, minus the fibrous stalk. This allows us to pack as much CBD as possible into our products for optimal results ans the “entourage effect” from using as much plant matter as we can.

Realistic, Accurate Dosage Data

Like many rapidly growing industries, the CBD oil industry has attracted a variety of business owners and marketers with a “get rich quick” attitude over the last few years. This means that many of the CBD products on the market simply don’t live up to their promises.

One way in which many CBD products fall short is by not containing the amount of CBD that’s listed on the label. Others contain CBD but lack the bioavailability necessary for your body to be able to put the CBD to use, resulting in few, if any, positive effects.

Whenever possible, try to look at customer reviews and feedback when comparing CBD tincture, oil and other products -- for the most part, effectiveness can’t be faked through a misleading tagline or inaccurate label.

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Deborah Densmore
Deborah Densmore

July 12, 2018

I ordered your clarify 1000 mg. a couple of months ago, very satisfied with clarify hemp oil. Just reordered more. The label is different, and your using coconut oil instead of hemp oil. What is the reason? And what is the difference? I know the processes are changing, as the research and results dictate the evolution of this product. I will be receiving my order on Friday July 13 2018 and will look closer at the new label, to compare it to the older label.

Melissa Meier
Melissa Meier

May 29, 2018

Hi Sandra,

One full dropper of our 1000mg tincture contains 25mg CBD and there are 40 full droppers per bottle. If you are looking to take 25mg at a time, you can go with the 25mg capsule or one full dropper of the 1000mg tincture. It’s just a matter of your preference for dropping it under your tongue or in a favorite drink vs swallowing a capsule.

I am very confused about the other brand you were taking previously, it seems like they may have some mistakes on their label. They claim there are 25mg per serving and 40 servings per 1oz bottle of their 750mg tincture, but that would equal 1000mg and not 750mg. It should be more like 18mg per serving of the 750mg bottle, so a 25mg serving of our capsule or tincture will be a slight increase for you and at a better price.

I hope that is helpful, please let us know if you have any other questions!

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