What people are saying about cbd oil

What Are People Saying about CBD Oil?

It's all over the internet and the talk of many health care professionals, massage therapists, yoga instructors and chiropractors: CBD hemp oil has a wide variety of health benefits that have helped to support the overall well-being of people and pets of all ages. Because CBD hemp oil is a dietary supplement, it is regulated by the FDA. Companies are unable to make claims regarding specific results or health concerns that are positively impacted by cannabis oil – but verified users of the products can and do add independent reviews of their personal experience with the product. So, what is everyone saying?

Helps Stabilize Moods

On the public review page of Functional Remedies, "Cedar Kelly" wrote about her experience using CBD oil tinctures from Functional Remedies for two weeks. Not only does she love the earthy flavor, but she has found benefits in keeping her moods regulated. "It gives me a space between whatever reaction I may have to the circumstances and the expression of that, so my response is mostly just silent. I just feel good about everything," she writes, adding that she plans to purchase another bottle soon.

Increased Energy and Overall Health

John, who describes himself as a "65-year-old couch potato" also recently discovered CBD hemp oil and ordered the 250 mg tincture drops. He reports that even within one day he noticed results, including more energy to go places with his wife. This is a big deal for him, since he had four major operations in the last five years and was looking for a product to help. "I feel better than I have in a long time," he said.

Helpful for Those in Pain

CBD is a cannabinoid, which supports the human endocannabinoid system. This body system regulates the endocrine system, which is responsible for the hormones that govern a wide array of functions, from pain management to sleep patterns to mood. Those who are struggling to feel good are turning to CBD hemp oil to find help. Carl, who was searching for something to help stabilize his health, decided to purchase the 25 mg hemp capsules. Now, he write, "CBD oil (is) now a part of day-to-day life."

Surprised and Grateful for Added Support

Many people have told our caring customer service team at Functional Remedies about how important it is to have someone to answer questions and help with purchasing. Bear, who lives in Atlanta, Georgia, was especially impressed with his results. "(These are) organic, full spectrum, single-origin products backed by years of variety experimentation," he wrote. "The 500mg Reserve tincture improves my quality of life in ways I didn’t expect."

Great for Pets, Too

Although the tinctures produced by Functional Remedies are human food-grade and designed primarily for humans, the CBD cannabinoid is effective for any animals with vertebrae. That's why it's no surprise that veterinarians and pet owners are turning to cannabis oil as well. Jessie from New Jersey decided to try the 250 mg tincture for her small chihuahua with health issues. "So far, the results are very encouraging. I am so grateful to have this alternative to mainstream medicine, which I know would have potentially damaging ramifications," he wrote.

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