Unexpected side effects of hemp oil

Unexpected Side Effects of Hemp Oil

While there are many stated benefits of CBD hemp oil, there are also some unexpected side effects users need to be aware of when determining if, when and how much of the dietary supplement they should consume each day. Overall, the number of hemp oil side effects are quite low, and it is a very safe product. Still, those with certain medical conditions and those taking specific prescription medications need to be aware of the issues so they can continue to be safe on their path toward optimal health.

Impacts Hepatic Drugs in the Body

You know how grapefruit stops some medications from working effectively? The same is true with CBD hemp oil. A study showed that cannabidiol can potentially inhibit the metabolism of hepatic drugs and decrease p-glycoproteins in the body. Don't know what that means? Then you probably won't have anything to worry about. But if you are on a medication that would be impacted by the neutralization of the P450 liver enzyme, it's important that you talk with your doctor and avoid high doses of CBD hemp oil.

Issues with Parkinson's Disease

Again, this research only impacts a small percentage of the population. However, it is important to know that high doses of CBD may cause an increase in tremors and muscle movement for those battling Parkinson's disease. Overall, the studies show that it is only very high doses that cause this impact, so again it is wise to discuss this with your doctor and always begin a treatment by taking very small doses.

Low Blood Pressure

A drop in blood pressure can happen quickly, and CBD hemp oil side effects also can include lightheadedness. This is usually more likely with higher doses. Are you on blood pressure medication? Then, once more, it is vital that you discuss with your doctor the use of this otherwise very safe treatment for issues such as emotional instability, physical discomfort, sleep issues or many other benefits.

Dry Mouth

Some users report a dry mouth, or a lack of saliva associated with the use of CBD hemp oil. This is a very temporary sensation that is also known as "cotton mouth," and it is not dangerous or permanent. Oftentimes a tall glass of water can do the trick to alleviate this concern.


It doesn't happen to everyone, but for some CBD hemp oil – especially those who take large doses – can make them very drowsy. This is why it is recommended that the daily dose of this herbal dietary supplement be administered as a tincture, capsule or salve in the evening before bed. However, be aware! Some people actually find themselves more alert after taking a dose of CBD oil.

BUT … No High

While these side effects do not impact everyone, one thing worth mentioning is that there are no psychoactive properties associated with CBD hemp oil. Unlike with medical marijuana, CBD hemp oil produces no "high" whatsoever. This means there is no impact to perception, reaction time or behavior.

Now that you know the different hemp oil side effects, learn more about the benefits of CBD hemp oil.

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