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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Use CBD Oil

You're probably heard about CBD oil, which has been the topic of many studies, news articles and social media discussions these days. Wondering more about CBD hemp oil uses and what is giving it such a buzz? Here's a quick rundown of why CBD oil is becoming more and more popular:

Won't Get You "High"

Yes, CBD hemp oil is made from the cannabis plant, which is the same plant that is used to produce medical marijuana. But the big difference is that hemp contains less than 0.3 percent of THC, the psychotropic compound that makes you "high." That means that the health benefits of CBD oil can be available to anyone at any time.


CBD oil is completely legal for sale, so there's no need to get a medical marijuana card or move to a state where marijuana is legal. Hemp is grown completely differently, and sale of its oil is legal in all 50 states.


Whole plant medicine has grown increasingly popular in recent years, as people are looking for alternatives to pills and other chemical pharmaceuticals. Raw CBD oil is produced without heat or chemicals and uses the entire plant, offering a wide range of benefits.

Promotes Emotional Homeostasis

Emotional homeostasis is critical to reducing the ups and downs of emotional upset, as well as helping to stabilize other psychological conditions that usually require the use of pills. CBD oil has been shown to help with emotional homeostasis.

A Good Night's Sleep

Having trouble getting a full night's sleep? Many people have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, due to a whole host of reasons. Many individuals have found rest by taking a dose of CBD oil tincture before bed.

Calming Effects

Anxiety and stress are often a daily part of life, but some people have recognized that it has become a problem in their lives. Those who have discovered CBD hemp oil often state that a small dosage – it is always wise to start with a lower dose and then increase, only if necessary – can help calm feelings return.  

Maintains Healthy Appetite

While research is still underway to scientifically prove CBD oil's use to help cancer patients, hemp oil may benefit patients by helping them maintain a healthy appetite. Many patients cannot smoke medical marijuana due to compromised immune systems, and CBD hemp oil doses are administered topically or orally.

Regulates Pain Response

CBD hemp oil uses also include the ability to address physical discomfort. Nothing is a miracle product, but many people are desperate to find a solution beyond the use of pain medication. Pills can be addictive and ineffective, and CBD oil is a natural alternative.

All-Natural Health

CBD hemp oil is ideal for someone interested in the environment and their own personal comprehensive health. Hemp is a highly sustainable product, which grows as a hardy plant outdoors. The stalks and seeds are harvested for everything from clothing to body lotion, and the flowers can be used to produce hemp oil supplements.

Many Dosage Options

Individuals cannot vape or smoke CBD hemp oil, but they can purchase high-quality tinctures, capsules and salves.

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