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My experience with CBD oil – A personal story

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Here at Functional Remedies, we often get heart-warming emails from customers who have benefited from taking CBD oil. When one of them recently contacted us, we asked if he would share his experiences about his CBD oil results.

This is Mike’s story in his own words.

Multiple medical problems

Since I was about 10 years old, I’ve experienced pain in one form or another. When I was a child, the main source of my pain was a problem with my left knee. Although I never actually received a proper diagnosis, the symptoms included my knee locking or giving way without warning, and accompanied by shooting pain.

The problem has persisted right through my life

If that was my only problem, I would be very happy. But in my late twenties I started to experience pain in my neck and right arm..

To deal with the pain and try and ease some of the muscle spasms I experienced, I took medication sparingly and only at times when the pain was unbearable.

I also had anxiety in certain situations – like grocery shopping.

Misunderstanding CBD

A couple of years ago I heard about CBD oil. I knew very little about it except that it was produced from cannabis and like many people, I initially dismissed it. I’ve never taken marijuana or any other recreational drug and I didn’t want to start.

I thought I would experience getting high or unable to control myself, and I couldn’t stand that idea. Let me clarify that it’s not through any bias. I discovered at the age of 16 that I didn’t enjoy being drunk and equated taking marijuana with the feelings of drunkenness.

I finally summoned up the courage to buy CBD oil capsules after I heard that my sister-in-law, who suffers with multiple sclerosis, had started taking CBD oil and using a salve. I figured that if she was taking it, it might be okay. So, I got a jar of Clarify Reserve Hemp Oil Tincture and some Clarify Nourishing Hemp Salve, both of which promptly sat on my desk, unopened, for several weeks.

I think it was a fear of the unknown that caused me not to try the hemp CBD oil immediately. I was worried about how I would feel after taking it. What would happen? Would I get high? Would I feel ill?

Then one day I was suffering more than usual with my CS and decided to take the plunge.

Pain relief from hemp CBD

My shoulder was extremely painful so I took the salve and rubbed it over my entire shoulder. My wife noticed the smell as I was applying it – a sweet, herbal very pleasing scent. After about ten minutes, I also decided to try the tincture.

The first thing I noticed was a slight feeling of lightheadedness. Nothing major or worrying, but it was a feeling I was familiar with from times when I had taken medication to lower a dangerous spike in blood pressure. The feeling passed after about fifteen minutes and although my mouth was a little dry, I didn’t notice any other side effects.

What I did notice was the pain relief. About the same time the lightheadedness wore off, the pain started to lessen. Over the course of a couple of hours it almost disappeared completely. It was like having one of my “better days”.

Improvements from my daily CBD regime

About a week later I got a jar of 25mg Clarify Reserve Hemp Capsules, which I began taking daily. I noticed a marked improvement in the way I was feeling both physically and mentally.

On good days, I’m now pain-free and on the worst days, I supplement the capsule with a drop or two of the tincture or some salve. My knee is now rarely inflamed and, although I still suffer the ‘mechanical’ problems of giving way occasionally, the constant pain is gone.

And situations that used to cause me anxiety now cause much less. Most of the time I can cope perfectly well in the supermarket without breaking into an anxiety attack.

At the same time, I haven’t noticed any downside to taking hemp CBD oil for pain relief. Quite the opposite. My quality of life has improved tenfold and, at over a half-century old, I’m optimistic for the future. My family has a better quality of life too. My 2-year old daughter loves it that I can now pick her up and hold her for lengthy periods, something that pain has often prevented me from doing.

Try it for yourself

I’m not a doctor and I don’t know your medical history, but if you suffer from anxiety or pain I would recommend you try CBD oil for yourself. Thanks to the 60-day return and refund policy that Functional Remedies offers, there’s nothing to lose. If you find it’s not for you, you can get your money back. Personally, I doubt that you’ll find yourself returning it.

I wouldn’t return it if they offered me a refund of three-times the price.

Wishing you speedy relief.


You should always consult your doctor before beginning any new supplement regime, or if you experience any unusual or severe side effects when taking hemp CBD oil products.

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Margaux Espinosa
Margaux Espinosa

May 08, 2018

I am a cancer survivor because of CBD. I had breast cancer (stage 4) and i don’t know how will I be cured but this friend of mine told me to try the CBD, at first I did not believe because my doctor doesn’t allow me to take some cannabis as a medicine and this is a fake medicinal treatment. But I read this that it really help others that’s why I tried it but I did not tell my doctor about it. So I take this for 11 months and it really helps me a lot. I know that others won’t believe me but trust me it really does.

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