CBD hemp salve

Hemp Salve for Pain

Need immediate relief from skin irritations or sore muscles? There are many customers who do not want to wait for the time that it takes to digest either a tincture or a capsule, which takes even longer. Applying CBD hemp oil topically as a hemp salve will provide focused results to a specific area in the fastest way possible. Simply applying it to the skin is about as far from ingesting medical marijuana as you can get; this safe, easy method is a great way to introduce the benefits of supplemental cannabinoids into your body for holistic health support.

How is Hemp Salve Made?  

The Functional Remedies team starts with patented seeds that offer the highest concentration of CBD cannabinoids with just 0.3 percent or less THC, so the plants are already grown for health-related purposes and do not cause any psychotropic effects. Those plants are then harvested from the organic farm in Colorado and transferred a few hours to the laboratory, which is also in Colorado. There, technicians use the whole plant – the hemp flowers, leaves and some stem material – in a gentle lipid infusion method that soaks the plants much like a tea in coconut oil until it reaches the level of potency for the 50 mg capsules.

Nothing is removed, but instead products are added to create the salve. All of the ingredients are organic (except the vitamin E). We add organic grapeseed oil, organic beeswax, orange and spearmint food-grade essential oils, as well as the hemp and some black pepper, which gets infused in and then removed.

Our CBD Hemp Salve Is Tested Repeatedly

Since herbal dietary supplements aren't regulated by the FDA, you'll hear stories every now and then about herbs that aren't even what they claim to be. So, how can you tell that the CBD salve for sale is actually what it is? At Functional Remedies, we take this seriously. Before we add any of the other ingredients, we test the coconut oil for potency and make any changes necessary to ensure that we are providing the level of CBD that we are advertising. Then we pour it into the tubes.

Our CBD salve is the most concentrated salve on the market today. We offer 500 mg for the half stick, or about 18 grams per stick. You will not find a more effective CBD salve for sale anywhere else.

Uses for CBD Hemp Salve

Here's a quick background as to how this works: Scientific research shows that CBD is a cannabinoid that helps to support the endocannabinoid system in the body, which in turn helps regulate the endocrine system without any unwanted, psychoactive impacts to behavior. The endocannabinoid system helps regulate a wide range of bodily functions, from sleep to blood sugar regulation, which is why so many people use CBD for so many reasons. For topical purposes, its soothing anti-inflammatory properties and immunity support can help support a body struggling with skin rashes, muscle discomfort, pain, burns and more. Our recommendation is to experiment with the product to determine how often to apply based on your own personal results.

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