March 24, 2018

Stress is the enemy! Stress in everyday life – from work, financial pressures, relationships, family expectations, trauma and a whole host of other reasons – can have severe impacts on health and wellbeing. It can impact your sleep patterns, cause you to make poor decisions and leave you wondering if you'll ever find peace. If you are overwhelmed with stress, take the power back. Using the right daily dietary supplements, like hemp oil for stress, and integrating healthy habits into your life will make a big difference to keep you calm and relaxed.

Take a Daily Dose of Hemp Oil

When you first decide to take control of the stress in your life, you'll need help calming your nervous system.  Hemp oil is an infused product that uses the cannabinoids found in hemp to naturally bring the body into homeostasis. Unlike medical marijuana, there is a very small percentage (0.3 percent or less) of THC in hemp oil; this means users don’t "get high." Instead, they are able to feel a sense of calm and wellbeing. Taken regularly, starting in small doses, it can also positively impact insomnia and a host of other conditions associated with stress.

Practice Gratitude

It is recommended to take a dose of hemp oil for anxiety in the evening. This is a good time to create an evening routine that focuses on positivity as you begin to prioritize taking care of yourself. As a way to bring healthy habits into your life, invest in a journal that you can write in each evening. Record five to 10 things you are grateful for every day. Gratitude is a powerful way to shift your point of view from the bad things that cause stress to the good things that bring joy.

Eat Right

Plant-based, holistic natural health is more than just using hemp oil for stress. It's also a good idea to consume more plant-based, whole foods that are prepared slowly and then eaten slowly. Steer clear of processed fast food, but instead fill your body with nutrients. Drink plenty of water and hot beverages to aid in digestion. Be sure to turn off both the television and the smartphone while you are eating. Carve out the time you need to enjoy your wholesome food slowly. Breathe in between bites and savor your food.

Get Active

To alleviate stress, physical fitness is one of the best things you can do. Exercising every day – even as simple as a walk during your lunch break or a yoga class – will keep your body functioning. Plus, when you are sweating, you'll naturally have your mind on the activity instead of whatever is stressing you out! Thankfully, hemp oil for stress – unlike medical marijuana – isn't smoked, so you'll still be able to keep active while taking a capsule, tincture or using a salve for anxiety.

Give Back

Finally, each day should include a moment when you give back. This doesn't mean a monetary donation, although it could. Open the door for a stranger. Call a friend you haven't heard from in a while. Putting your energy toward helping others in need, along with these other daily habits, will help you overcome your stress and live a more peaceful, healthy life.

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