March 26, 2018

With new research and media articles being published more and more often, health-conscious people have begun to consider using hemp oil to treat a wide variety of ailments. But what if the physical and emotional problems are with your dog? Perhaps surprisingly, veterinarians who prefer natural treatments are now recommending hemp oil for pets. But dog owners can save hundreds in vet bills by learning about the benefits of hemp oil for their loved pooch themselves. Here's what every pet owner should know.

Fido Won't Get High

Responsible pet owners may shy away from giving hemp oil treatment to their dogs because they worry that the animal would get "high" or "stoned." However, the active ingredient in this multi-use product does not contain THC, which is the chemical in marijuana with psychotropic effects.  Hemp oil for pets or humans is used for its therapeutic value, not for recreation.

Getting Help for Anxiety

Dogs that suffer from separation anxiety, extreme nervous energy from thunderstorms or trauma caused from previous abuse can act out in many challenging and destructive ways. It can be very difficult to treat these kinds of issues, but many dog owners have found that hemp oil has many benefits for both humans and dogs. Studies continue with this natural, homeopathic supplement while many people have found major improvements.

No-Stress Application

While it's true that it's a whole lot easier to give a dog a pill than a cat, some dogs aren't fooled by a bit of cheese or peanut butter. Fortunately, hemp oil comes in a tincture that can be applied either to the nape of the neck or on the soft part of a paw for immediate absorption. This is a great way to apply a treatment for a dog suffering from pain, epilepsy and seizures, inflammation or heart issues. Hemp for pets can also be a part of a holistic approach to battling cancer.

It's Legal

Along with being safe and effective for many concerns, hemp for pets is also completely legal. You do not need to get a medical marijuana card from a doctor or worry about criminal charges from package delivery. The phytocannabinoids come from the hemp plant; while it is in the same family as marijuana, hemp is used for all kinds of completely legal products, including clothing, non-dairy milk and body lotion. The misconception is often what stops many people from trying this product on their pets and themselves.

Look for a High-Quality Product

You'll want to purchase a tincture for your dog that is going to work, right? There are a few things to consider, as many less-expensive products do not have a high level of the active phytonutrients. Look for hemp oil tinctures that are made with the whole plant, by a company that can track the quality of the product from seed to bottling and uses a process that keeps the cellular integrity of the plant.

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