CBD for stress

Does CBD Oil Help Anxiety, Stress, & Tension?

If you are one of more than 40 million American adults who suffer from stress and tension, you’ve probably tried all kinds of ways to simply be at ease every day. Maybe you try to exercise (when you have the time, whenever that is), journal, chew gum, light candles and breath in essential oils and spend time with your friends as much as possible. Some people consult with their doctors seeking options to alleviate constant fear and worry. But are these methods working, and are they actually good for you? Finding a natural way to keep emotions balanced even during stressful times can be challenging, but scientific research has shown that pure CBD extract can support the body's ability to stay calm and centered.  

What is Anxiety?

Stress, Tension and Frustration are some of the most common mental issues in the United States, with 40 percent of Americans experiencing serious emotional challenges at least once in their lives. Women are twice as likely as men to be impacted. Even when these feelings of anxiety last for at least six months for adults and one month for children, only a third of adults seek treatment, and only a fifth of teenagers do. But stress and tension are more than just "something in your head": Worry and fear can impact your life, your school work, job and your relationships. Frustration and over-thinking as well as trauma-related concerns can make you feel misunderstood and unable to relax. Sometimes these life challenges can also just make you literally sick to the stomach and unable to sleep. Its causes are varied: genetic risk, chronic life stress, medical conditions, and certain environmental and behavioral choices can all lead to increased life stress and tension.

Studies Show CBD Oil Addresses Concerns

Due to all the unwanted side effects and even addictions that can result from some prescription medication, scientists have been researching natural alternatives to discover potential relief for extreme stress and tension. In 2015, the journal Neurotherapeutics published a study that found evidence that a cannabidiol called CBD "has considerable potential as a treatment for multiple [emotional challenges]." The researchers looked at data from preclinical, human experimental, clinical and epidemiological studies to look at pure CBD extract and its impact on the endocannabinoid system, which regulates many vital body functions including emotional behavior and response to adverse events. With "an extremely safe profile" that includes no psychotropic effects (unlike medical marijuana), CBD hemp oil pointed positive. Customers with Functional Remedies share similar experiences in their reviews of CBD tinctures and CBD hemp capsules.

Be Sure to Purchase High Quality CBD Oil

If you wish to try CBD hemp oil, it's important that you find a product that can be trusted to deliver the exact servings and potency you are expecting. Functional Remedies starts with patented seeds that grow hemp plants with the highest percentage of CBD possible with only 0.3 percent of THC (the compound that causes the "high"). These hardy plants are grown our own organic farm in Colorado and then processed in our nearby laboratory using a gentle lipid infusion method that preserves all the nutrients and benefits of the entire plant for the most effective product.

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