How to make your own CBD

CBD Extract: How to Make Your Own CBD Tincture

Although high-quality CBD hemp oil tinctures are readily available and legal on the market today, many people investigating the benefits of CBD extract are considering the possibility of making their own hemp oil tincture. In theory, crafting your own tincture is actually a relatively simple process. However, there are certain steps and ingredients necessary to ensure you are getting the positive effects you expect from commercial products.

Tincture 101

Let's back up. What is a tincture, exactly? Tinctures are usually extracts from the cannabis plant in an alcohol base. They are best stored in cool, dark places and, if cared for properly, can last a very long time. Because they are administered using a dropper, it is easy to determine a proper dosage. Take a dosage of your tincture directly under the tongue, in a glass of water or mix it into a meal; the discreet method makes it appropriate to consume anywhere.

Simple Steps

The first step to making your own hemp oil tincture is to start with very high grade cannabis strain that is very low in THC and high in CBD. Grind the cannabis finely, and then decarboxylate the flower by spreading it on a parchment paper-lined baking tray and bake at 235 degrees for 30 to 45 minutes. Let it cool completely, then mix the extract in a glass jar with high-proof alcohol like Everclear. This is when you choose how potent you wish your tincture to be. There are two options for the next step in the process: Either simmer the jar in a water bath for 20 minutes, or simply leave it tightly closed in a dark, cool place for three weeks, shaking it daily. At this point, you can strain your mixture using a coffee filter and store for use.

Why a Tincture?

Hemp oil tinctures are ideal for people who cannot smoke medical marijuana, like young children, those who are elderly or individuals with compromised immune systems. Because they are more discreet than a salve, smoking or even taking a capsule, CBD extracts are ideal for those who may need a dosage during the work day for managing well-being or emotional stability.

Benefits of CBD Extracts

CBD hemp oil is becoming more and more popular as customers are discovering the positive impacts even a small drop of tincture can provide. Importantly, because CBD hemp oil tincture is made with hemp and not marijuana, it is, by definition, low in THC (less than 0.3%). This means you won't get a psychotropic "high" that is associated with recreational marijuana use. Many people use CBD extracts to help improve sleep patterns, stay calm, help with pain and much more. However, some commercial-made tinctures are not as effective as others. While creating your own tincture is possible, many look for a high-quality, trusted brand that utilizes commercial-grade infusion processes rather than a simple extraction method that you could do at home. Start any dosage off very small to determine how the supplement helps you.

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