CBD vs Marijuana

Advantages of CBD Hemp Oil Over Medical Marijuana


As CBD hemp oil becomes more popular in today's healthcare marketplace, many consumers are left wondering the differences and advantages between it and medical marijuana. After all, it's the same plant, right? Well, yes and no.

It's true that both therapeutic hemp oil and medical marijuana contain the most active cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Both have been used for years as natural ways to address to a wide host of physical, emotional and mental concerns. And by and large, both are safe.

But that's where the similarities end. The active ingredients in CBD hemp oil, CBD drops, CBD tincture and CBD salve have clear benefits over medical marijuana for today's modern consumer. Here is a closer look:

Relief, Not "High"

The active ingredient in CBD hemp oil is cannabidiol, which is extracted from the hemp plant. Yes, hemp is in the same plant family as marijuana, but hemp, by definition, contains less than 0.3% of THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is the chemical component that gets users "high," and growers take great care in increasing THC in marijuana plants. Hemp oil, conversely, is a non-psychoactive biological extract that is naturally processed from the hemp plant.

Without the psychotropic chemicals that cause a euphoric state, CBD hemp oil is appropriate for people of all ages. It is used to address unwanted health symptoms, not for recreation of any kind.

It's Legal

Hemp is a legal plant to grow. Unlike marijuana, which is grown for its high levels of THC in its flowers, hemp's stems and seeds are normally cultivated for everything from clothing to body lotion. When grown for the high-quality, therapeutic oils, the hemp plant is used for its CBD-rich flowers.

This is an important distinction, especially for professionals looking to reduce ailments, reduce stress or maintain health and homeostasis. If used at the recommended dosage, hemp oil is less likely of a concern during random drug tests (although this is something you should discuss with your employer). Mail delivery is not a cause for worry. CBD hemp oil is a natural, normal and legal product. You do not need a special medical marijuana card to purchase this product, just a desire to feel better.

Better for You

Using CBD in the form of a hemp oil tincture, hemp drops, hemp pills or even as a CBD topical salve is significantly healthier than smoking medical marijuana, which presents the risk of lung cancer. Even when eaten or vaped, medical marijuana's high THC content often has side effects like fast heart rate, slower coordination, bloodshot eyes and memory loss.

Hemp oil is different. Not only are there none of the negative health side effects with THC, CBD hemp oil has been used as a dietary supplement for many ailments. Customers say it positively impacts their mood, sleep, hormone homeostasis and pain management. CBD for sale is created using the whole plant rather than isolated compounds, offering users the comprehensive benefits that far outweigh those of medical marijuana.


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April 06, 2018

I am glad that I stumbled on your post while I was searching for Hemp Dispensary CBD Oil. It is totally loaded with incredible information. A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing!

Ronda Burke
Ronda Burke

April 02, 2018

gorgeous ~ beautiful ~ thank you … because of the CBD oil from Functional Remedies, I no longer need edibles high in THC to sleep … it’s been 15 years and I am seriously blown away ~ beginning to remember my dreams again ~ wild

oh, and because of the CBD products, I can now walk without pain after 4 months of managing an injury unsuccessfully

thanks for doing it the right way there in Colorado !!

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