March 28, 2018

The secret's getting out! Organic hemp oil is a powerful dietary supplement that customers are swearing by to help with a wide variety of concerns. But what many people don't know – the big secret – is that hemp oil isfor everyone. Due to its chemical contents and smoke-free methods of delivery, people of all ages can benefit from organic hemp oil's ability to ease physical discomfort, provide emotional homeostasis and help with a wide variety of health issues. Haven't heard about it yet? Let's get you in on the secret.

It's Not Marijuana

OK, it's certainly true that marijuana and hemp are both members of the same plant family – but that's where the similarities end. Hemp, by definition, contains just 0.3 percent (or less) of THC. THC is the chemical compound that provides a psychotropic response; it is this cannabinoid that makes medicinal marijuana not appropriate for young children or elderly adults who have compromised immune systems. Getting "high" also can be a big problem for professionals. Understanding the big difference between marijuana, which is high in THC, and hemp, which is high in a variety of other beneficial cannabinoids, certainly reduces the reason organic hemp oil should to stay secret.

It's Not Illegal

That's right – because organic hemp oil is NOT marijuana, it is perfectly legal to sell in all 50 states. It is legal to ship. It is legal to consume. Hemp – which is usually grown outdoors for its seeds and stems – has been used for ages to create clothing, non-dairy milk, rope and so many other products. Hemp oil, however, uses the flowers as well as the rest of the hemp plant to create the nutrient-rich, therapeutic oil. Many studies are underway to prove the benefits that current customers are having trouble keeping quiet about.

It Helps Maintain a Relaxed State

Stress and anxiety are at near epidemic levels throughout the nation, due to the increasingly heavy workloads, economic concerns, struggles in relationships and trauma. To receive the maximum benefits of hemp oil for emotional stability, be sure to purchase a product from a company that creates the oil with low heat in a process that maintains the cellular structure of the plant. Functional Remedies, for example, uses an unique, lipid infusion method that activates the full spectrum benefits of the plant, preserving high levels of the effective cannabinoids, terpenes, and other non-psychotropic phytonutrients.

It Helps with Physical Discomfort

What makes organic hemp oil so special is that customers use it for both physical and emotional issues. Not only has it helped with emotional homeostasis, but it also can provide a form of relief to those dealing with physical discomfort. Pain resulting from all kinds of causes, from illness, stress or trauma, for example, can impact sleep patterns, appetite and the overall pain response of the body. Using hemp oil to maintain a sense of overall balance and health can help with these concerns.

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