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Nature wastes nothing. Neither do we.

CBD Hemp Oil For Sale that captures the full CB Complex.™

CBD Hemp Oil For Sale

Single Origin. Colorado Grown.
Hemp Excellence.

Is it time you gave yourself a wellness boost? We’ve spent over a decade perfecting a hemp strain that is optimized for wellness and resilience. Every one of our products are grown under the Colorado sun using sustainable, all-natural farming practices for healthier plants and people. We take pride in our cbd product to you from our farm to your door.


The Clarify line distills the best of hemp into an elite, single-origin, cannabinoid oil that has no equal. It’s a nourishing, full spectrum supplement and a potent addition to your daily health routine.

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People are talking…

It’s what’s inside that counts.

Who we are guides what we do.

A team of botanists, scientists, herbalists, and visionaries have come together with a common ethos: help others, never settle, stay curious, and grow things.


These principles ground us and guide us forward to create the best hemp oil on the planet.

All products are not created equal.

Just like a multi-vitamin from Kroger isn’t the same as a fresh pressed juice loaded with whole fruit & veggies, until you try our line of cannabinoid supplements… you won’t know what you’re missing.


For over a decade we’ve cultivated herbs with the most potent, balanced blend of wellness boosting traits and gone even further: developing a gentle, elegant extraction & infusion process that gives our Clarify Reserve line an unparalleled, full-spectrum blend.




Full Spectrum

Gentle lipid extraction retains the essential blend of terpenes, cannabinoids & phytonutrients.

Coconut or
MCT Oil Base

Ingredients matter. These oils boost absorption & add a nutrient dense, antioxidant rich base.

Hemp Strains

A decade of R&D, genetics & careful cultivation has led to our proprietary strains...and unparalleled results.

Vibrant You

Nurture your mind & body with a wholesome, easy addition to your daily wellness practices

With Love

From farm to product, love guides our work. It drives us to do better, stay curious & keep growing.

And Potency

Nature provides - then we distill those pure ingredients to craft truly potent wellness blends.

our products

product shot of Functional Remedies hemp capsules


-Full Spectrum-

product shot of Functional Remedies tinctures


-Full Spectrum-

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Hemp Salve

-Full Spectrum-

All Hemp

-Full Spectrum-

“If we surrendered to earth’s intelligence we could rise up rooted, like trees.”

-Rainer Maria Rilke-

The view from our farm in Colorado is truly spectacular.

Welcome to The Farm

The Farm is a slice of perfection. It’s hard to imagine a more ideal corner of the world to create a farm that’s dedicated to growing the best wellness hemp on the planet.


Nestled between mountains and bordered by two mountain-fed tributaries, it’s a unique ecosystem that’s ideal for growing happy hemp. Plus, Colorado offers premium conditions and over 300 days of sunshine a year.


There is something powerful about working with nature. While the lab and critical genetics work are the lifeblood of our product, this is where the magic happens.

From farm
to product


Purity and premium quality are always our goal. That attention to detail, to pure goodness, starts on our farm. Where our botanists grow proprietary hemp strains and nurture 100 acres of truly wondrous plants.


We use all-natural, sustainable farming practices that are good for land, plants and people. We never use pesticides or herbicides because there are better, healthier, natural alternatives.

The science behind our hemp excellence

Functional Remedies springs from a decade of work in genetics + botany + science.


Proprietary Hemp Strains

11 years of cultivation have created a breed of hemp that is heavy in beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes. We merge traditional botany with cutting edge genetics – reviewing plant DNA strands and modifying at the DNA level to ensure the best traits for wellness.

Close up of Terpenes and hemp cannabinoids for full spectrum cbd oil

Full Spectrum Process

Most extraction strips key elements and adds toxins. We always choose gentle & safe. Plus, our Reserve line’s proprietary lipid extraction & infusion process keeps a dense cannabinoid, terpene, phytonutrient, & flavonoid blend for optimal absorption and health benefits.

asian child lying on grass happy healthy and safe with organic hemp cbd oil

Quality you can trust

We are obsessed with quality. That’s why every batch and lot of oil is tested in our lab and by a 3rd party to verify they meet our high standards. Lab & production facilities follow strict Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP). 

We could all use a little more vibrance.
Clarify. Restore. Heal.

4 photos of fit and active people using clarify hemp cbd supplement
Grass growing under the Functional remedies cannabanoid products